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Healthcare Industry

Today's healthcare industry is getting more and more effective and affordable due to incorporation of technology into it.

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Healthcare Solutions by Hvantage Technologies-IT Compnies in USA



This industry is illustrated by meticulous competition, regular product enhancement and quick reactions, to promote universal sourcing policies to deal with fresh markets. As a result, the usefulness of supply chain is becoming critical and production methods are becoming complicated. Augmented demands are being pragmatic by us to realize green principles. To produce fresh and continuing returns flow, the industry is heading towards a new trade standard by merging products with assisted services in a proposal.

Our Offerings

Hvantage Technologies is one of the leading healthcare IT company that offers a whole gamut of healthcare IT services and solutions, helping clients effectively address their operational challenges and grow their businesses stronger. Some of our services include product engineering, maintenance, quality assurance, custom-development, implementation and integration. Hvantage Technologies combines strong domain expertise, proven processes and flexibility to make every service engagement a success.

We are positioned competitively to address the challenges of the US healthcare market including regulatory changes, cost pressure, and the need for technology that could be different from any other industry. Our end-to-end healthcare IT services, offered in flexible engagement models, are designed to provide optimum value to healthcare organizations without the hassles of management overheads and high cost

Telehealth Solutions

Deliver care Anywhere, Anytime

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Care Coordination Solutions

Identifying and managing the care of patients...

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Patient Engagement Solutions

Empowering patients towards...

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Pharmacy Applications

We encourage for medical store mobile apps....

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Supply Chain Solutions

Hospital Supply Chain Solutions drive....

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At Hvantage Technologies, we help our customers acquire the latest medical technologies they need with the most effective and strategic financing solutions. Our comprehensive set of financing options can help organizations in the healthcare industry implement the solutions they need to build sustainable healthcare systems, collaborate to improve care and outcomes and increase access to healthcare.

Spend Management Tools

Pre-integrated tools to provide.....

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Healthcare Equipment Financing Solutions

Management of complete lifecycle.......

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Financial Modeling & Analytics

Online forecasting, planning, budgeting...

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Healthcare Property Trust Management Solutions

Maximize visibility into cash flow....

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Healthcare sector across the globe is boosting up at immense rates, with prime focus upon the patient satisfaction goals as well as enriched deliverables. With the industry facing extensive challenges of maintaining large scaled records, Hvantage provides with efficient management resources and state-of-the-art assistance in order to enhance upon the core healthcare activities. Hvantage technologies combine a set of experienced workforce, dispensing information portals at the disposal of patients in order to authentically support and ease their healthcare facilities. The management and collation of patient data adhering to patients, their appointments, account details, admissions and claims is accounted for by Hvantage's healthcare services, thus providing effective cost and time reduction, supported by strictly controlled protocols.

Emergency Room Transcription

Efficiently dispensing prompt transcriptions.....

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Discharge Summary Transcription

Caring and safeguarding information.......

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Medical Claim Processing

Prioritizing patient claims with...

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Medical Coding Services

Efficiently encrypting your medical data....

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Revenue Cycle Management

Managing your healthcare revenue cycles....

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Payment Posting Services

Strengthening the billing and revenue ....

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Denial Management

Dispensing precise follow-ups on the....

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Medical Record Indexing Services

Indexing your medical records with trust....

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A/C Receivable Services

Following up on the A/C receivable services....

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Hospital Billing

Rendering financial experts in order to ....

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Medical Billing Services

Billing your medical records and patient ....

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Network Development

Helping to Optimize, Analyze, amend, expand and develop all types of provide networks.

Reform/Regulatory Analysis

Facilitating the understanding and implications of healthcare reform on your business.

Clinical Integration

Develop an alignment strategy to achieve clinical transformation and to thrive under payment reform.

Plan Start-Ups

Develop and implement the infrastructure, offeringsand network capabilities for a successfull healthplan.

Provider Engagement

Identify Collaborative Oppurtunities to achieve the triple aim of quality, cost and customer service.

ACO Development

Develop and implement an ACO strategy to meet your organizational needs to expand into new markets.

Healthcare Segments

Healthcare Billing Services-

We help payers increase productivity,and harness the power of data to improve healthcare outcomes

Managed Helathcare Service Provider-

Improve visibility, efficiency, and effective collaboration to manage change & improve the quality of care

Pharmacy Healthcare Applications by

Our solutions help pharmacies provide critical services and better medical care for their communities

Patient Engagement Healthcare Solutions by

We offer a fully integrated, comprehensive portfolio of quality care management products & services

Care management and Health organizations

Challenges and opportunities

Core vs. context

Current enterprises, particularly, require concentrating on areas in which they stand out: identify the market and develop for tomorrow. For other workings, partners are there, if it's assemblage of products, third-party logistics, or payroll. This helps to reduce capital expenses, deals with volatility of industry and assure that the concentration is kept in the center.

Intricate Supply chain

The characteristics that intricate the task of administering a healthcare supply chain that is problematical than ever are outsourcing production sources, anticipating demand and a worldwide client base. However this supply chain is the means to customer gratification, stock turns and pragmatic effectiveness.

Eternal technology development

Socio-technological constraints like the change from desktop to mobile computing, the development of rising economies, the customization of consumer schedules, and growing capacities have created a great opportunity for healthcare companies to improve their business standards, product profiles, and consumer service practices.

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