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Charity App Development

This charity application is fully categorized with all types of charitable acts i.e. animal charity, environment charity, disaster relief charity etc.

Charity Mobile App for NGO's

Brand : Hvantage Technologies Inc

Every human being wants to be a part of the development of the society, nature and contribute in disaster relief. This charity app brings users towards fulfillment of that purpose. This charity application is fully categorized with all types of charitable acts i.e. animal charity, environment charity, disaster relief charity etc. Users who donate to charity can get all information regarding specific charity type. This app provides an overview of various charity aid foundations. The users of this charity app can check the result of their charity to determine further charity aids and also can check the result of all the organizations' charity. One can also pay online to raise money for charity with higher safety & security as compared to other charity apps.

This app maintains the database of user's charity. This app contributes in raising money for charity for enhancement of society and nature as well. Our mobile app developers developed a reminding calendar for users that notifies them about the payment date. Users can also share this charity app with their friends with a single click so that their friends will also become a part of this community. This app makes it easier to contact with the charity organizations and achieve their society's developmental goals.

Ratings - 4.5 | Reviews - 35

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Florist App

Charity App Features :

  • Get an overview about all charitable categories.
  • Maintaining database of all charities.
  • Set calendar as a reminder.
  • Secured online mode to raise money for charity
  • Contributes towards development of society.
  • Easy payment as charity with a single tap.
  • Higher safety & security.
  • Highlighted various charity aid foundations
  • Share this charity app with other users.

Hvantage develops excellent Charity mobile app, website, Charity software & POS. Contact here if you have any query or want a quote for the application.

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Client Reviews

Charity services don't work on mobile applications! That was the case that we also believed. However, in order to reach out to the charity service benefactors, Hvantage's app has been extremely important.

Brian Kochar

Broadcasting the updates about upcoming charity events, locations, timings, providers etc is exclusively customized on the Hvantage Charity app! A great deal definitely in order to amalgamate technology with society.

Nathan Anderson

The charity app from Hvantage brought about the most technological solutions to the most required social causes! Charity event updates is definitely something that today's generation would look out for.

Brian Kochar

The app offerings on charity causes has taken an unexpected turn via the Charity app. People can now stay connected more with the events and charity setups via the app features.

Brian Kochar

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