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We uplift the part of HR function similar as that of a strategic partner. An unstable worldwide economy and vibrant marketplace situations have forced HR roles to decrease prices, make the most of working competence and emphasis on strategic edges. Hvantage Technologies comprehensive HR Services deliver you an option of endwise HR procedures that are supplied with negligible risk and precise costs.

The Hvantage Technologies Benefit

We deliver HR services in three models:

  • Client-ideal environment later presenting the transactional services
  • Consistently held expertise and services over a Process-as-a-Service (PaaS) incentives
  • Transactional services on client-possessed technology background

Hvantage Technologies association of SAP empowers us to unite manifold dissimilar HR schemes on a united worldwide platform. This comprises pre-built worldwide HR procedures, world best incorporation technologies and country-particular localizations. Consequently, resulting in noteworthy cost drops and improves your HR procedures.

What Hvantage Technologies Provides

Hvantage Technologies services emphases on procedures over the entire range of HR functionalities:

  • Workforce administration
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Recruitment and resourcing
  • Payroll and time

Hvantage Technologies HR Services are supported by business experience, HR proficiency and worldwide exposure we offer complete customary and IT-enabled diverse-process amenities that are precisely intended to let you to focus on your essential corporate activities.

These procedures are supporting and subsequent the range of tools, methodologies and activities under a well-scored superiority model:

  • Process and transformation tools
  • IT and infrastructure (including a strategic alliance with SAP)
  • Analytics and third-party vendor management
  • Service delivery models

With this variety of exposed and see-through best practice corporate services, Hvantage Technologies fetches fast alteration over all HR procedures with the aim of reducing physical assignment, offering healthier facility and radically dropping costs.

Business Value

  • Noteworthy quantifiable developments in employee contentment in the period of half or full year.
  • Alliance and alteration of manifold dissimilar HR schemes and procedures on Hvantage Technologies Global HR Platform, causing remarkable upsurge in output, reducing expenses and concurrent HR understandings and analytics
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