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Innovating Technology in Education

In our Education Industry today, with the amalgamation of Education and IT solutions,
learning has become so much easier, more of fun and much more affordable.

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With the hands on experience in technological innovation and operations,

Hvantage Technologies is stimulating the Educational Industries to reach out for the zenith. The experienced and dedicated workforce at Hvantage makes sure of dispensing efficient technological solutions to the Education industry while successfully complementing the required educational value chain. Our UI/UX driven Education Solutions are extremely easy to comprehend and operate. Also, we efficiently ensure the outsourcing of Educational software, application, website development, ERP management and related solutions specific to the Educational institutions. We aim at transforming the prevalent systems and providing a complete new experience to users while innovating 24*7 in order to make education more feasible and approachable.

Inculcating accessibility, affordability, easy search and interactive features to the services add up to delivering significant cost benefit, high quality and improved time-to-market to the customers. With services spanning across various formats, devices and languages, Hvantage focuses majorly on consumer satisfaction and engagement.

Our Offerings

Hvantage Technologies is one of the leading organizations when it comes to developing customized applications for Education Industry while offering a whole wide gamut of software applications and IT solutions, thus helping the institutes to effectively address their operational challenges and grow their businesses stronger. Some of our outsourcing services include product engineering, maintenance, quality assurance, custom-development, implementation and integration. Hvantage believes in combining strong domain expertise, proven processes and innovative flexibility in order to make every service engagement a success.

Medical education software

Hvantage is known to be a pioneer in simulation based technology solutions for healthcare training. Ranging from clinical simulation management software and hardware to counsellor education, Hvantage excels in providing state-of-the-art healthcare solutions to the customers while adhering to efficient case authoring and interactive computer-based training tools.

Collaboration Platform

We, at Hvantage, believe in building better technology solutions for customer engagements and hence constantly innovate upon the collaborative teacher -student or parent-teacher platforms for educational institutions like schools and universities in order to ensure faster and more transparent communication.

Online test applications

The developers at Hvantage aim at dispensing their hard work, outsourcing services and experience optimally in order to create secure, web-based, easy-to-use and customizable online testing solutions that are specifically dedicated towards your business, training centres & educational institutes.

Campus recruitment solutions

Hvantage ensures integrated IT solutions for handling campus recruitment programs. Our University recruitment functions provide flexible, customized and effective operations when it comes to meeting varied client needs.

Mobile Application development

Mobile applications are becoming the need of the hour for any online or web-based application to function successfully and reach out to the masses. The team at Hvantage is specialised in making UI/UX driven customized Educational mobile apps for any of your business need.

Hvantage is known to be the pioneer in process outsourcing and technology solutions. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the global IT industry; we have the expertise and the know-how to provide Educational IT solutions to enterprises worldwide. Our process outsourcing services start with understanding customer requirements, documenting customer processes, evaluating customer goals and developing a customized training program for customer-specific outsourcing services. We then transition specific processes to global locations without dropping the ball, establishing quality metrics, tracking performance and reporting progress-resulting in excellent technological solutions, IT solutions for Education industry and customer satisfaction levels that create loyalty and enhance upon your brand.

Application processing and data entry

Hvantage is pioneer in process outsourcing and data entry. We do all the application processing and data entry related work for Education, Finance, Accounting etc...

Voice service for international recruitment

Our experienced team at Hvantage makes it their prime focus to provide your firm with all the required efficient voice services for international recruitment and that too in their specific time zones.

Alumni database management

Building strong relationships with parents, students, alumni, faculty, and the community becomes a critical part of customer engagement. Start harnessing your community's voice and simplify daily alumni cultivation tasks with our social web and mobile alumni management solutions.

Call center support

Customer support is one of the most important functions when it comes to service industry and our trained and certified team helps the educational institutes to efficiently run the call centres exactly the way it's required.

Finance and Accounting

Efficient cash-flow management, methodical accounting and compliance with industry regulations are central to the theme of financial well-being of any enterprise. Our finance and accounting outsourcing services ensure the maintenance of all your outsourcing needs, so that you can focus more upon your coding areas.

The team members at Hvantage can develop anything from a basic Educational website or application to complex Educational software and Educational management systems. Using well defined standards and frameworks, we deliver flexible, robust and secure product solutions. With a team of seasoned and prolific product developers, we cater to a wide array of development needs for our clients ranging from online education software, education portals and educational websites etc. Even if you are completely unaware about what goes into the product, we can help you develop the products that bring more prospects to your Educational requirements.


We not only provide a powerful learning platform, but our systems are also backed by epic support with 95% customer satisfaction rate. Whether you have 150 users or 1 million, we will make you and your organization successful.

School Management Software

Our cloud based Educational ERP system helps any Educational institute to run their business in an efficient manner. It benefits them with costs, better data organization, security and automated administration processes while implementing various educational activities.

Library Management System

We provide state-of-the-art and optimised user friendly library management system, which would ease the functioning of libraries spanning across various sectors weather big or small scaled.

We understand how important your legacy is to you, but as the volume of data generated and stored by any institution grows, manual processing becomes pivotal to extract pertinent information and key-in the details through the system or database. It evidently becomes the need of the hour to innovate upon the legacy management system for any institution and we provide a wide gamut of data services to diversified client base. Combining our wealth of experience and deep understanding with a focus on efficient processes, we accurately amalgamate intricate details in relevant fields and ensure error-free outputs.

CMS Development

Hvantage would ensure the conversion of your old school legacy system into a modern and more user friendly CMS driven framework.

Data Migration

The data management team at Hvantage specializes in data migration from one system to another with efficiency and specifically caters to your customized needs.

Website Redesign

We provide the cloud based web app development for your customized needs. Using well defined standards and frameworks, we deliver flexible, robust and secure solutions dedicated to your website while catering to a wide array of SEO Web Content needs of our clients.

Mobile applications for old and/or existing system

Hvantage could make UI/UX driven mobile app for your existing system or a new standalone mobile application based on your custom requirement. Fortified with years of experience in the mobile application development space, our Android apps developers, dedicated iPhone Software Developers and iOS programmers are completely proficient with developer tools essential to build, test, and debug mobile applications.

Considering every business as unique, we believe in providing you with state-of the art IT services and consultancy so that your network performance gets discovered in a better way. With expenditure on time and cost, we tend to optimize your IT solutions, Educational software and outsourcing services by operating in both exclusive and inclusive manners, so that you focus on logistics, safe-keeping the technological hassles with us. Dispensing skilled and experienced professionals at your perusal for managing your firm's work flow, legacy system, educational software, IT services and customer satisfaction, we aim a 95% customer enhancement. Keeping your firm's dashboard on the right face is our motto with quality control and time efficiency paradigms along with optimal technology solutions.


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We at Hvantage aim at helping to optimize, analyze, amend, expand and develop all types of professional networks.

Website development by hvantage technologies inc.

Great UI/UX

Our prime focus at Hvantage remains facilitating the understanding and implications of healthcare reforms on your business.

Website development by hvantage technologies inc.

High quality delivery

Our developer teams formalize alignment strategies to achieve clinical transformation and to thrive under payment reforms.

Website development by hvantage technologies inc.

Cost Effective

We develop and implement the infrastructure, offerings and network capabilities for successful health-plans dedicated to your firms.

Website development by hvantage technologies inc.

Domain expert team

Hvantage identifies the collaborative opportunities to achieve the triple aim of quality, cost and customer services.

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Zero tolerance for bugs

The back-end developers at Hvantage implement ACO strategies to meet your organizational needs and help to expand into new markets.

Website development by hvantage technologies inc.

Long term association

Hvantage Technologies Incaims at customer satisfaction and enhanced customer experience, while maintaining cordial relations with them, not just for business purposes, but long-term associations.

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