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Prioritizing patient claims with trust and accuracy

How can Hvantage help you?

Satisfying patients with efficient and prompt processing on claims, thus enhancing patient engagement and reducing upon the time expenditure is the prime motto of Hvantage Technologies. With a team of trusted professionals, we dispense full dedication towards filing and processing patient claims with accuracy. The services offered by Hvantage adhering to Medical Claims processing are listed are:

Data Processing of all Medical Insurance Claim Forms, including UB-04, HCFA, CMS-1500, UB92, Dental Claims Forms

Patient scheduling allows patients to request specifically scheduled appointments at particular time slots and wait for approval acknowledgement for the same.

Medical Claim Data Entry

Effective data entry and record keeping for patient's medical claims catering to swift processing of the same

Records of medical tests

Filing and maintenance of patient's medical test reports for future analysis and patient access

Medical Claim Data Indexing / Extraction and Archiving

Systematic collation and archiving of medical claims, further strengthening swift access for future requirements

Medical Claim Data Validation

Online bill payments/Statements allow self-payment options so as to shorten the physian's revenue cycle management

Provider and Member Data Maintenance and Cleansing

Maintenance and access of dual party data involving members and provider information, including refining and storage of relevant exchanges

Medical Claims Administration Support Services

Professional assistance and support regarding medical claims administration as well as procedural processing related services

Medical Claim-related Finance and Accounting BPO Services (Billing, Accounts Payable Management etc.)

Accounting and financial support, billing and payment management services by skilled and experienced professionals through direct engagements and BPO

Advantages :

  • Prompt responses for the processing of medical claims results in easier management for patient requests.
  • Easier for the hospitals and physicians to record and process medical claims.

Why Hvantage?

  • Skilled financial and accounting consultants
  • Dedicated management and accumulation of medical claims for patients
  • Accurate validation and verification of medical claims

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