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Hvantage CRM

If you are using an integration of ERP and Vtiger or SugarCRM and find the integration difficult to maintain, Hvantage CRM is for you.

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Hvantage CRM

Mobile App Development By Hvantage Technologies Inc.

In the present scenario where such cut-throat competition exists, it becomes imperative that firms value their customers to the optimal extents. Now when there are umpteen things to focus upon, outsourcing services to a reliable third party becomes the most efficient option for process streamlining. The open ERP technology solutions by Hvantage Technologies help exponentially in retaining, enhancing as well as in customer acquisition. The ERP CRM developed with utmost dedication is surely to dispense services better than the existing modules.

Experienced workforce at Hvantage aims at delivering outsourcing service benefits all at the fraction of the market costs. When it comes to utilizing business features, the CRM integration is what you will be requiring.

Key Features of Hvantage CRM

  • Better evaluation features
  • Campaign management
  • Efficient process streamlining
  • Optimal accuracy
  • Precise sales forecasting
  • Round-the-clock customer service
  • State-of-the-art collaboration
  • Partner relationship management
  • Rigorous analysis
  • Competitive landscaping
  • Constant innovation
  • ERP CRM module
  • Community and enterprise versions

Outsourcing with Hvantage is sure to catapult your business services to levels unimaginable. Let us manage CRM, hence letting you focus on several other peripheral activities.

Features of Hvantage CRM

Features Existing
Hvantage CRM
Hvantage CRM
Marketing Automation
Support (Trouble Ticket)
Contract Management
User friendly
Linked-In facility
Rich View of Tool Tip
Role based Dashboard
Interactive (Email reminder)
Streamlined Process Flow
Activity management
Sales Forecast

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