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Veterinary Medical Module

Bringing the most efficient veterinary health-care solutions to your doorstep by dispensing state-of-the-art products in healthcare management

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Veterinary Medical Management

We Provide Health-care Management

Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons at

Veterinary Management ERP technology solutions at Hvantage Technologies bring to you ERP 7 module on veterinary medicals alongside introducing better and more advanced health-care products with following features:

  • Pet information portal
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Laboratory inventory
  • Notification reminder
  • ICU information portal
  • Invoice Records
  • Paediatrics details
  • Warehouse management records

Features of openERP Veterinary Medical Management Software

We Provide Health-care Management

1) Laboratory
  • Lab Test configuration
  • Lab Units management
  • Inventory management

2) Diseases
  • Pre-configuration of ICD-10 standard 14200 diseases
  • Dynamic disease listing
  • Pathology categorization
  • Pre-configuration of 250 disease categories

3) Medical Procedures:-
  • Pre-configuration of 72600 processes
  • Dynamic records
  • Information portal

4) Physicians:-
  • Physician records
  • Physician schedule management

5) Medicaments:-
  • Dosage management
  • Units management
  • Routing records
  • Form records

6) Genetics:-
  • Default configuration of 4300 risks
  • 60 medical specialities
  • 650 configured occupations
  • Dynamic configuration

7) Appointments:-
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Prompt updates
  • Classification configuration
  • Peripheral records
  • Checklist management

8) Patient :-
  • Patient detail records
  • Disease history records
  • Medication history records
  • Diet schedules
  • Lab test results
  • Risk calculation
  • Socioeconomic details

9) Nursing Checks :-
  • Regular check-up details
  • Round recordings
  • ICU round evaluations

10) Ambulatory Care :-
  • Procedure history
  • Vitality evaluation
  • Vaccination details

11) Paediatrics :-
  • New born details
  • Symptom records
  • Reflex check details

12)Reports :-
  • Invoice report management
  • Medical history documentation
  • Evaluation records
  • Inventory records
  • Patient detail reports
  • Lab test reports
  • Payment record management

Patient Information

User can Create Patient with information like name , Pet-owners details , pet-owners address , insurances , Diseases , Socio-Economic conditions , Lab Tests.

Patient Information Screenshot1 | Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons -

Patient Family records

Patient Family records are created per pet owner. All the pets belonging to one owner are in one family.

Patient Family Records Screenshot2 | Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons -

Patient Appointment

Appointments can be created for the patients.

Patient Appointment Screenshot3 | Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons -

Patient Admission Records

Records of the patients admitted in the hospitals are created. In this , information like Diet and Nutrition of the patient , care plan etc are added as well.

Patient Admission Records Screenshot4 | Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons -

New Born Record

New Born Record can be created in which details like Neonatal Signs and Symptoms , Neonatal Reflex check etc can be recorded.

New Born Records Screenshot5 | Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons -


Invoices for the services provided in the hospital can be created. They have direct effect in the balance sheet. The invoices are created against the pet owners .

Invoices Screenshot6 | Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons -
Invoices2 Screenshot7 | Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons -


Many reports can be printed by the system. These help in Efficient Decision making and Management of the hospital.

Reports1 Screenshot8 | Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons -
Reports2 Screenshot9 | Veterinary Medical Management ERP Solutons -

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