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Screen Locker App Development

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Screen Locker Mobile App for Lock Phone Screens

Brand : Hvantage Technologies Inc

A Screen Locker app is highly recommended for stability, security and compatibility with a variety of customized high quality themes for your mobile. Lock all your favorite apps, messages, personal photos or video files using a password or a pattern lock Mobile screen. Moreover, you can also lock your personal conversations like (Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Plus and other applications) as well as you can block outgoing calls so that no one can make a call from your phone without entering the password. Just experience the Locker application with wide variety of live themes for locking pattern. Additionally, after installing a Security Locker app you can't only slide to unlock your screen lock, but also able to set pattern password to enhance your phone security. It allows you variety of wallpaper for each of the pattern locks and enable you various locking styles. Thus, this lock screen app is the best choice for those who're getting bored from the default launcher lock screen.

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Screen Locker App

How will Screen Locker App function? :

  • Wide range of themes with lots of unlocking style.
  • Prevent from unauthorized access of music or video files.
  • Unlock sound enable/ disable options.
  • Keep your photo & video files secure.
  • Access Pin & Pattern for locking, with an ease
  • Reset your password with an ease.
  • Set individual password for each app.

Various Sections featured in the App are as follows:

  • Get notifications for call logs on the lock screen.
  • Auto prompts to confirm lock during new app installation.
  • Displays date & time on locker screen
  • Get notification for updates on the lock screen.
  • Shortcuts to system applications.
  • Hide your app icon.
  • Widget for quick locking & unlocking.

Hvantage develops excellent screen locker mobile app, website, screen locker software & POS. Contact here if you have any query or want a quote for the application.

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