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    We have specialization in planning all kind of staffing requirements for our global clients, and have been able to recruit hard to find talent with ease. Our staffing solutions are not run of the mill, as we offer:
    • Staffing for different skill sets, recruitment level and all requirements
    • Cost effectiveness with huge savings in infrastructure costs
    • Improved service quality and Productivity with efficient staff
    • Reduction in payroll costs and HR management
  • Digital Marketing Staffing Solutions
    The salient features that only Hvantage offers are:
    • Quick turnaround time without compromise on quality
    • Shorter learning curve for newer technologies
    • Complete process transparency
    • Fast staffing process with low level of risk at clients end (no need to check client background)
    • Clearly defined terms and conditions for the recruitment
    • Better management and negligent employment liabilities

Digital Marketing

We source Marketing professionals for Organizations, and help them retain top Talent! Getting Digital Marketing talent is not difficult, once the figure is getting professional with exact digital expertise and skills set you are looking for. Hvantage Tech. USA is a standard reputed Digital Marketing Staffing organization that has been providing Staffing Solutions to top Digital Marketing companies and shortening their search in finding apt marketing talent.

With nearly two decades of expertise in staffing for rising technologies, we tend to foretold and planned for the convergence of tech and promoting. (And thus, Digital marketing was born.) As a result of this fast integration, several businesses are left without the information and talent necessary to support the new technical components making amendment and driving innovation in Digital marketing. That's wherever we are available.

The competent talent in our exclusive network makes a speciality of over 140+ of the most recent in-demand technologies, software, and tools that companies have to be compelled to boost ROI and web site traffic and reach larger audiences. Whether or not you're searching for an adviser to implement the most recent AI-driven, selling automation technologies or an SEO/SEM Specialist to enhance your organic reach, we've the talent you would like. We'll be there to assist with something that arises, before, during, or once a placement.

When you're able to add talent, it helps to work with individuals who've been there, done that. For over twenty five years, Digital individuals has partnered with businesses to strengthen inventive, interactive, and promoting groups. As former marketers, our recruiters grasp the ropes. Whether or not you're yearning for a freelancer to cover a project or the proper person for a direct-hire scenario, we'll connect you with the fully fledged talent you wish to succeed in dream-team standing.

We Are Good At

Hvantage Tech. USA has over a decade of experience at providing various staff augmentation services that help our clients meet their staffing demands at a faster pace, and at affordable prices. We provide contingent staffing or staff augmentation solutions for the following:

Project Manager

Technical Lead


Social Media Manager

Marketing Expert

Graphic Designer

SEO & AdWords Expert

3D Graphic Designer

SEO/SMO Expert

QA Lead


Video Editor

Content Creator

Facebook Ads & PPC Expert

Email Marketing Expert

Funnel Manager

Contingent Staffing Options We Provide

Hvantage Technologies Inc. offers you various options to outsource your Staffing or Staff Augmentation needs:

Full-time Equivalent (FTE):

Get a qualified professional who will work for you eight hours a day, five days a week

Short-term Assignments

Hire result-oriented personnel for short-term assignments that require special skills

Long-term Assignments

Choose professionals who will work on your project for a long-term and ensure its successful completion

Contract with Option to Hire

Hire resources with great communication skills on contractual basis, and reward them with employment if found suitable for your business


Appoint executives for projects that require part time dedication

Specialty Staffing

Add specialized staff for confidential and specialty projects

Direct Hire Recruiting

Hire an experienced professional for your business needs


Hire a consultant on full-time or part-time basis

The Problem

The retention of adept resources while providing solution to the various clients to drive the profits for the organization is difficult especially when the needs of every company differ from one another. There could be vast or minute variation from company to company but nevertheless the projects aren't always guaranteed in the throat cutting competitive market. Those days of non-engagement brings the pain of salaries without any profitability. The continuation might result in draining of all the profits and leaving you with zero balance!

The Solution

A team of resources or a workforce that is engaged on the project basis, available on demand and frees you from the pain of salaries in non-engagement period could be the best solution to maintain maximum profitability by ensuring engagement of experts for every project.

We offer Contingent staffing solutions in diverse industry verticals like:

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