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University Management Solutions

We, at Hvantage Technologies offer the most efficient University Management software solutions for admissions, examinations as well as accommodations dispensing an open source user-friendly interface. Managing the day-to-day activities for the institution has never been this easy.

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University Management System

The Open ERP management software for the University solutions brought forward by Hvantage Technologies ensures complete reliability for your management activities

University Management System ERP Solutions at

Hvantage's University management software offers you with the optimal multi-purpose solutions so that you can feasibly manage admission records, student database, event details, accommodation records and library documentation all at your fingertips.

System functionalities include :
  • Student records management
  • Attendance management
  • Examination records management
  • Activity management
  • Payment management
  • Accommodation management

Features of University Management

User friendly interface for your University management ERP management

Student Management

These records maintain the detailed information of the students – Educational , Assignments , Library , Alumni details , Placement Offers , Health details , activity log , parents etc

Student Management Screenshot1 | University Management System ERP Solutions |
  • Assignment management
  • Library records
  • Timetable records
  • Alumni details
  • Placement details
  • Health records
  • Activity logs
  • Parent details

Admission management

This form keeps track of people came to take admission thentrough this their admission gets confirmed and that cadidate becomes a student of school/college.

  • Admission form records
  • Personal details of students
  • Hostel allotments
  • Payment status records
  • Timetable and class schedules
Student Admission Management Screenshot2 | University Management System ERP Solutions |

Time – Table management

Using this facility , Time table is created . Time table can be viewed student-wise or Standard – wise.

Time-Table Management Screenshot3 | University Management System ERP Solutions |
  • Time-table creation
  • Student-wise details
  • Standard-wise details
  • Dedicated lecture management
  • Time-table report generation
Attendance Management

We can add student attendence records.We can print Daily attendence sheet, Monthly attendence sheet .

  • Periodic attendance records
  • Student records
  • Monthly attendance
Attendance Management Screenshot4 | University Management System ERP Solutions |
Library Management

List of name of books along with their quantity available , author , ISBN code , Internal Id etc can be maintained

Library Management Screenshot5 | University Management System ERP Solutions |
  • Book management
  • ISBN codes
  • ID management
  • Tracking book records
  • Issue requests
  • Library card management

Fees Management:

Predefined fee structure is created to charge that much fees from all those students.

  • Fee structure creation
  • Payroll registration
  • Fee receipt
Fees Management Screenshot6 | University Management System ERP Solutions |

Hostel Management

Hostel Rooms information like – Students per room , List of students whom particular room is allocated etc is maintained

Hostal Management Screenshot7 | University Management System ERP Solutions |
  • Information portal
  • Allocation records
  • Student records
  • Availability records
  • Facility configuration

Transport Management:

The transport can be managed for the students. Students can be alloted transport Facility.

  • Route management
  • Transportation management
  • Student assignment on transports
Transport Management Screenshot8 | University Management System ERP Solutions |

Activity Management:

Activity types can be maintained

Activity Management Screenshot9 | University Management System ERP Solutions |
  • Activity assignment
  • Event maintenance
  • Achievement maintenance

Exam Management:

Exams can be created along with details like – start time , end time , minimum marks required Total marks , time and duration

  • Duration analysis records
  • Marks allotment records
  • Result details
  • Exam sessions development
  • Schedule information management
  • Exam resource allocation
  • Mark-sheet registrations
  • Exam templates
Exam Management Screenshot10 | University Management System ERP Solutions |

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