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POS Restaurant Management

Cross-platform functionality for restaurant ERP management system applications

The innovative solutions brought from Hvantage Technologies cater to the restaurant management ERP software in ways unimaginable

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The POS Restaurant Management

Efficient technology solutions and functionalities that operate on all modules of iPads, iPods and Tablets

Pos Restaurant Management Screenshot1 | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

By integrating universal and optimal ERP solution providers, Hvantage Technologies has managed to deliver and organize the requirements of a restaurant open ERP software management system. Offering features like fine dining, restaurant services, POS system solutions, quick service (QSR) etc, make the stationed ERP model an efficient one for the restaurants to heed.

Features of Point Of Sale Restaurant Management

  • Table Management (considering seating capacities)
  • Centralized database management
  • Waiting Lists and Reservations management
  • POS Integration at tables for prompt services
  • Customized food cuisine options
  • Customized seating allotment
  • Inventory control for the restaurant
  • Consumption control and management
  • Accounting module integration

Transparent POS interface for order entry

Dispensing efficient POS software at the restaurant's disposal

Interface For POS order Entry Screenshot2 | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

Attractive and lucid

Experience the most elegant and attractive design fronts on the web and ERP software interface

Interface For POS order Entry Screenshot3 | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

Productivity and Profitability

Efficient disposal of technology towards extensive precision in ERP software productivity

Interface For POS order Entry Screenshot4  | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

Prompt Search

Prompt and precise retrieval of filtered products from the hierarchical informational front

Shop wise table listing

Shop Wise Table Listing Screenshot5  | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

Food items definition

Food Items Definition Screenshot6 | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -
Table booking for future date

ERP System Development by Hvantage Technologies Inc.
Current table order list

Current Table Order List Screenshot8 | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

KOT product listing in kitchen

KOT Product Listing In Kitchen | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

BOT product listing at bar counter

BOT Product Listing at BAR counter | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

Table selection for table orders through POS screen

Table Orders Through POS Screen Screenshot11 | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

Table order on POS screen

Table Orders On POS Screen Screenshot12

Multiple payment method selection for order payment

Order Payment Screenshot13 | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

Payment receipt through printer

Payment Receipt Through Printer Screenshot14 | Pos Restaurant Management ERP Solutions -

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