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Hvantage Training Management ERP Solutions

Enrich various skills of your employees through targeted training.

Training helps in enhancing hidden skills of employees. An effective training requires pledged training staff and to simplify their administrative fusses we offer training management solutions designed to cater all training objectives

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Unique Training methods for prolonged outcomes

Online Training management is embedded with great features designed to cater needs of mentors. Employee training software could be highly useful for corporates, Training Institutes & education institutes. Our personalised Training Management System (TMS) modules promise to give maximum outcomes with features like:

  • Course Description
  • Trainers / Lecturers details
  • Mode of Training (Classroom, Online, etc...)
  • Price / Rate of Course
  • Images relevant to Course

We cater wide range of services including

A. We provide overall program management

1. Creating primary description about training:
  • Course Description.
  • Trainers/ lecturers details
  • Mode of Training (Classroom, Online, etc..)
  • Price/ rate of course.
  • Images related to course.

2. Creating secondary description about training:
  • Participant details
  • Details of courses which are organised.
  • Venue & time details.
  • Lecturers/ trainers details
  • Registration details.

B. Facility to create catalogues & offers for marketing or selling the course.

1. Financial and accounting module

  • Creating invoices and payment details in line with the finance module
  • Generating various reports like Exam Evaluation Report, Courses Reports, Exam Questionnaires Reports, Participants/ customer reports & Strength and sessions reports
2. Course Administration:
  • We provide facility to create sessions in accordance with course and strength.
  • A Calendar ko keep a watch on various events, sessions, strength and other activities.
  • All documents, attachments uploaded by the users are uploaded in a simple and accessible directory.
  • We provide facility to create and maintain details of Participation request.
  • We provide facility to create and maintain details of subscription details.
  • Facility to maintain details of previous customers, participants, trainers, lecturers.

3. Maintaining exams

  • Provision of entering the Feedback / Review of the Course received from participants.
  • Provision to create Exam Questionnaires specific to the Course.
  • Exam Evaluations.
  • Awarding of Degrees specific to the Courses undertaken by the Customers / Participants.


Courses Screenshot1 | Training Management ERP -

Exam Evaluations

Exam Evaluations Screenshot2 | Training Management ERP -


Offers Screenshot3 | Training Management ERP -

Catalogues Screenshot4 | Training Management ERP -

Seances Screenshot5 | Training Management ERP -


Calendar Screenshot6 | Training Management ERP -


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