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POS Loyalty Management

We, at Hvantage Technologies understand how intricate loyalty management to the functioning of retail industries is. This is where we bring in the efficiency of the POS loyalty management ERP software

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POS Loyalty Management System

Assists in management of the redemption of points against the purchase earnings

POS Loyalty Management ERP Solutions at

Hvantage, with its years of expertise, bring to the table the stimulation of loyalty management in retail sector.

A loyalty card, reward card, advantage card, bonus card, club card or a plastic card, all need to be managed in a manner favourable to the users as well as the industry when it comes to the points redeemable against the purchase. Earned points can then be efficiently redeemed.

Features of POS Loyalty management software by Hvantage Technologies

Points Scheme Release

Allows users to define a plethora of earning schemes within different time span which can be made possible in the ways possible with:

A) Sales Invoicing

On Sales Invoice Screenshot1 | POS Loyalty Management ERP Solutions

B) Points/Product/Category

Points/Products/Product Category Screenshot2 | POS Loyalty Management ERP Solutions

Redemption Points

Allows users to customize the redemption rules where users can define point equivalent to a currency unit. The system then computes discounted amount adhering to points redeemed

Redemption Points Screenshot3 | POS Loyalty Management ERP Solutions

Payment Method

The freedom of implementing distinguished payment methods is dispensed to the users. When user clicks on a payment method under Redemption in the software, system generates additional fields on payment screen to capture no. of points to be redeemed, thus computing discount amount to be reduced from total bill against points.

Payment Method Screenshot4 | POS Loyalty Management ERP Solutions

In user form need to define "Point Redemption" payment method in Available Payment Methods.

Available Payment Method Screenshot5 | POS Loyalty Management ERP Solutions

POS Transaction

Post configuration into the system, the schemes can easily be utilized for POS transactions adhering to customer billing preferences. This is where users can check and analyze scheme options, rearranging and managing various schemes according to availability and discount pricing

POS Transaction Screenshot6 | POS Loyalty Management ERP Solutions

Customer dedicated tracking

The software lets the system track customer wise transaction dedicated to the calculation of redeemable point balance. It is feasibly accessible by the user under the customer partnering options of the ERP management software.

Customer Wise Point Tracking Screenshot7 | POS Loyalty Management ERP Solutions

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