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Dental Clinic Management

Bringing to table the most efficient solutions in dental healthcare sector for business management

The open ERP software management system assists in efficiently managing patients, appointments, treatments as well as billing

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Dental Clinic Management System

We aim at delivering state-of-the-art management system at your disposal in order to integrate various activities associated with the clinical management.

Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions at

Dedicated ERP software from Hvantage Technologies on Dental clinic process management provides with you with modules dedicated towards data collation as well as patient documentation rendering services. These services might include a plethora of scheduling, billing, planning as well as documenting the dental management processes.

Features of Dental Clinic Management

The software aims at delivering outstanding performance functionalities, thus creating a competitive edge for the clinic amongst primary competitors

Pre-configured Treatment

Pre-Configured Treatment Screenshot1 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

System has some pre-configured list of dental treatment and user can create many more. In lab operation we can select appropriate treatment to be performed on the patient and that can be invoice-able.

One click approach

Traversing through the records becomes a feasible task, allowing proper documentation of patient details. Unique patient IDs and appointment management is an intricate management option with the software. Constant amendment of data is maintained.

List Down Screenshot2 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -


Appointments Screenshot3 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Tracking of appointments is an added advantage with the software. Appointments are allotted considering differentiated parameters of appointment dates, dentist name, patient status etc to provide with optimum user experience.

Medical Questionnaire

Frequently asked questions are presented to the patients for future references as well as record upgradation

Medical Questionnaire Screenshot4 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -


Medical Alert Screenshot5 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Constant updates on the working status as well as prompt notifications are delivered to the customers for immediate actions.

Teeth Chart

Complete and reliable on teeth description from the dental specialists is uploaded for customer reference as well as back-end reference. Invoices are hence generated for the patients with proper updates on teeth details.

Teeth Chart Screenshot6 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -


Operations Screenshot7 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Precise collation of dental treatment and procedures is efficiently drafted into the system with proper operation management and track records for both patient and clinics.


High-definition and reliable images are documented for references with utmost privacy as well as security. Various editing and analyzing functionalities are also enabled on the same for operations.


Complaint Portal

Images Screenshot8 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Effective complaint logging is enabled for the system, ensuring proper measures to be carried out as solutions. This is how complaints can even be tracked and managed.

Relationship Management

Maintaining reliable and cordial relationships with patients is important for any industry. This is where our record management system reminds for patient anniversaries etc ensuring healthy relations.

Patient's Birthday Alerts Screenshot10 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Timeline Alert

Planned Visit Alerts Screenshot11 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

The system is pre-defined to remind for appointment alerts as well as regulatory check-ups required in the clinic.

Report Management

Proper collation and documentation of operations and procedures are all integrated into the system for any further reference or requirement.

Report Screenshot12 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

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