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Hvantage Construction Management Solution for Construction Companies, Contractors and Consultants

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Construction Management Solutions

Hvantage Construction management ERP software would help you to deliver better results

Construction Management ERP  Solutions at

Hvantage OpenERP Construction management system promise to make your construction more streamlined and hassle free. Our ERP software development team has designed the ERP software to cater all your construction needs in coordination with all the major process involved in construction.

With its unique features like engaging manpower, maintaining flow of records, managing costing, least chances of errors, organized accounting and reporting.

Our Construction management software includes following features like

Project Planning and Controlling (PPC)

This module caters features like Budgeting, Estimation, Planning and Execution of the Construction Project.

  • Creating Resource requirement and costing details
  • Creating a Block/WBS Budget for proper execution and maintain versions.
  • Creating Rate analysis.
  • Creating checks for task assigned and tracking completion of task (Material & labour).
  • Project planning and Scheduling
  • Creating a check for work completion at site and tracking of material.
  • Stock Rectification.
  • Creating progress report of Site.
  • Estimating Project cost.
  • Integration of a MIS system.


This module would help in maintaining supplier invoices and purchase of materials

  • Generating material requisition in accordance with Project WBS.
  • Analysis of requisition to optimizing material purchase and goods in workflow management system.
  • Registration of suppliers and provisions to rate them.
  • Managing quotations- Multiple vendors quotation and quotation comparison with rate approval process
  • Vendor analysis.
  • Creating and processing vendors bill.
  • Creating reports of pending transactions- Projectwise, Vendor Wise, Material-Wise reports.
  • Managing suppliers and make a check on top suppliers by value, Quality and defect rates.
  • Creating purchase orders- local and multi-currency (Import)
  • Checking of purchase order in accordance with budget.
  • Receiving goods either against PO, Cash purchase or transfer from other projects and inventory management.
  • Maintaining stores and materials receivables.
  • Handling specialised ROPO (Rate Only Purchase Order).


This module will help you in maintaining contactors

  • Task based payment schedules in Work Order
  • Creation and Issue of Work Orders
  • Tracking of billable tasks work completion status
  • RA bill Generation based on work progress
  • Workflow system for multilevel approval of Work Orders & Bills
  • Handling of appropriate taxes and compliance's including VAT, TDS, GST, etc
  • Departmental Labour handling and billing
  • Handling of payment terms like Retention, Advances, Debits, Credits, Recovery System, etc
Amazing Project Planning

Helps the User in Project Planning & displaying the same in different views for ease of User like;

  • Gantt View of Project Plan.
  • Calendar View of Project Plan.
  • Graph View of Project Plan.
  • PMI based approach made simple.

Handling most difficult part of any project - Land acquisition

This module helps in keeping database of all the land acquisition chores in the project.

  • Agents and Consultants registration
  • Creation of Property & land bank
  • Landowners details with their shares
  • Landowners payment schedule and payment tracking
  • Creation of Checklists and Milestones for Compliance management
  • Automated alerts and triggers
  • Land document management system.

Maintaining all administration related expenses

Admin expenses stimulate a huge portion in the overall cost of project so we cater in maintaining all the admin related expenses

  • Expense head wise budgeting for Project/Department
  • Creation of purchase orders and service orders for non-estimated items
  • Processing and passing of bills
  • Automated alerts and triggers
  • Monitoring controlling of overheads
  • Creation of project wise cost allocation against project budget and costing

Accounting and finance

Proper accounting and keeping a check on the finances weigh a lot portion in project management Our Construction management software would help you in doing so

  • Financial Budget based of Monthly / Cost Centre
  • Integration with all the modules
  • Automatic Tax calculation and payment triggers
  • Generation of statutory forms
  • Locking of financial years and entries
  • Approval of bills and payments
  • Creation of Chart of Accounts
  • All tax Remittance
  • Multi-company accounting
  • Auto Bank reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable Reports
  • Payment advice for the bulk payments
  • Financial statement and costing reports
  • Loans and repayments management
  • Asset Management & Depreciation
  • Income-Expenses Statement

Construction BOQ

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Construction Indent

Construction Indent Screenshot2 | Construction Management -
Construction Project

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Construction Tasks

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Construction Work Package

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