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Pathology Lab Management System

This solution is useful for Pathology lab centers to manage their businesses.

Pathology Lab Management System, helps to manage Patients information, Appointment, Lab Request and Lab Result with report.

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Pathology Lab Management System

Our Pathology Lab Management System is a product that coordinate and integrate all the activities involved in the management and running of a pathology center.

Pathology Lab Management ERP Solutions at

Hvantage brings to your business the most efficient pathology lab management system, integrating various activities involved in running and management of a pathology centre. Dispensing the open ERP pathology management software at your disposal, Hvantage aims at perfecting patient information management, appointment management, laboratory invoice management as well as inventory management.

Features of Pathology Lab Management System

Pre-configured Lab Test

Pre-Configured Lab Test Screenshot1 | Pathology Lab Management ERP Solutions

The ERP software has a set of preconfigured lab tests defining appropriate test options to be performed on the patient, also invoicing the same.

Pre-configured Lab Test Unit

Hvantage gets you a dozen of predefined lab test units dispensing appropriate units as per requirements.

Pre-Configured Lab Test Unit Screenshot2 | Pathology Lab Management ERP Solutions

Patient detail management

Pateint Details Screenshot3 | Pathology Lab Management ERP Solutions

Lab test detail management alongside patient details comes in handy and feasible with the ERP management software. New details can always be added on the go to the system.

Appointment management

Status updates on appointment scheduling, appointment availability as well as lab test request generation link with the appointment, thus generating invoices as per requirements. System is also configured in order to facilitate report management for requests as well as results.

Appointments for LAB Test Screenshot4 | Pathology Lab Management ERP Solutions

Report management

Lab Request And Result Screenshot5 | Pathology Lab Management ERP Solutions

Efficient system deployment is dispensed when it comes to collating and managing lab test records. Reliable and efficient reports are presented at disposal for both patients and clinics.

Billing Management

Billing scheduling is carried out against lab appointments making billing an efficient option while promptly generating reports for the same.

Patient Billing Screenshot6  | Pathology Lab Management ERP Solutions

With Hvantage Technologies, your ERP management software doesn't just catapult business processes, but also provides you state-of-the-art technology solutions with minimalistic investments.

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