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Security & Complex System

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Enterprise Security

The most crucial assets in a business world are Data and information. The Internet, mobile phones, PDAs, Pocket PCs technology has enabled data and info retrieval a relaxed task for a mobile client base and staff. Though, it likewise delivers a nameless channel for individuals with malevolent commit to board business info assets. Businesses that require complying with controlling, constitutional and promised responsibilities have duty to defend these resources from robbery, damage or misappropriation. Businesses want a healthy appliance to sense dangers, prevent interruptions and defence these possessions.

The challenges confronted in these fields comprise of:

  • Data transfer and storage mechanisms
  • Processes
  • Dispersed global workforce
  • Managing the growth in the number of handheld devices
  • Malfunctioning systems effected by viruses and malicious software


  • IT Controls and Compliance Management Services
  • Identity Management.

Complex System

System Engineering

Our practice in offering endwise system proficiency on intricate embedded microchip technology systems, proposing both consulting and elucidations about system engineering, extends over several years. Our amenities for system engineering space contain an exclusive value proposal, fetching dedicated skill to the table.

Our services contain:

  • Compliance and certification
  • System analysis
  • Concept definition
  • Requirements engineering and management
  • Model-based development
  • Safety analysis

We are acquainted with many standards. We take entire responsibility in grasping client / user fundamentals, requirement seizure, requirement analysis and validation in our requirement engineering services. Our internal skill in nearly entire the requirement management implements, besides using a healthy requirement management procedure demarcated for our entire assignments.

We cover extensive opinions in architecture design and optimization provision, in view of all aspects for example uses cases, requirements, and critical-to-quality (CTQ) features.In addition, our proficiency is utilize through engineering sheets with rooted OS, drivers, modus operandi, and applications.

The entrenched collection accommodates total security analyses and further features according to criterions, applied in businesses.

Our development process is the essential fortes in the entrenched system space of ours. We deliver demonstrating provision of several intricate systems in accordance with additional business rules. We also deliver code relocation intended for our customers.

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