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Clinic Management

Hvantage brings to you the Open source ERP software integrating intricate activities involved in the clinical management procedure, backing up confidentiality as well as protection of the access control

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Clinic Management System

The ERP technology solutions provided with open software that takes care of your clinical management processes from scratch, enabling you to focus upon things that matter the most to your clinic

Clinic Management ERP Solutions at

Process automation is what our prime focus remains when it comes to the ERP clinic management such that data retrieval becomes much more efficient. Operations through a digital platform can conveniently imply access and sharing through multiple platforms resulting in streamlining of procedures amongst clinicians. This also brings into effect efficient backing up of patient data while protecting confidentiality through the following features:

  • Patient management system
  • Prescriptions management
  • Laboratory inventory management
  • Appointments management system

Features of openERP healthcare management software by Hvantage Technologies

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Appointments Screenshot1 | Clinic Management ERP Solutions -
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment status management
  • Diet management records
  • Medicinal record management
  • Nursing plan management
  • Discharge plan management

Inpatient Registration

  • Admission records
  • Medicine administration records
  • Discharge scheduling
  • Patient evaluation scheduling
Inpatient Registration Screenshot2 | Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Intensive Care

Intensive Care Screenshot3 | Clinic Management ERP Solutions -
  • ICU history
  • Admission history
  • GCS calculation records
  • ECG calculation records
  • APACHE-2 score calculation records


  • Patient detail records
  • Disease history
  • Medication history
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Lab test details
  • Risk analysis records
  • Surgery records
Patients Screenshot4 | Clinic Management ERP Solutions -


Laboratory Screenshot5 | Clinic Management ERP Solutions -
  • Lab test management
  • Inventory management
  • Lab test record filing


  • New-born details management
  • Symptom records
  • Risk analysis
  • APGAR score records
  • Checklist management
Pediatrics Screenshot6 | Clinic Management ERP Solutions -


Create Invoices Screenshot7 | Clinic Management ERP Solutions -
  • Creating Invoices for Lab test, Appointments, Prescriptions.
  • Automatic Entries in the Balance sheet

Hvantage Technologies offers the most efficient clinic management services when it comes to providing for your firm's efficient streamlining.

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