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POS Gift Coupon

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Gift coupons are one thing that is constantly used in retail industry. The redemption of gift coupons against purchases attracts customers better than any other retail incentive. This is where a business needs to focus upon managing the functioning of gift coupons in a better manner. With our open ERP software on Gift coupons management, we aim to provide you with the best possible solutions on the same, thus catapulting your lead generation.

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Gift coupon number generation

Generate Gift Coupon Screenshot1 | Pos Gift Coupon Management ERP Solutions -

Pre-definition of Gift coupons aren't required when it comes to Hvantage's management software. They can be feasibly issued to the customers from their regular terminals with proper documentation of sales records at the POS terminal.

Unique barcode

Unique barcodes are held for each coupon, thus minimizing the hassles of sorting through numerous gift coupons. Maintenance in such cases is carried out with optimal efficiency by the software.

Unique Barcode Screenshot2 | Pos Gift Coupon Management ERP Solutions -

Coupon authentication

Validations on Genuinenes Screenshot3 | Pos Gift Coupon Management ERP Solutions -

Tracking of gift coupons becomes ten folds easier with the ERP software where genuineness is guaranteed by avoiding the repetition of used or expired coupons.

Gift coupon redemption

The freedom to utilize multiple payment options is always deployed where balance amount can be paid via various payment media.

Validations on Genuinenes Screenshot3 | Pos Gift Coupon Management ERP Solutions -

Expenditure track

Gift Coupons Screeshot5 | Pos Gift Coupon Management ERP Solutions -

We offer with the most reliable and precise collection of your transactions, thus enabling a track on the gift coupons.

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