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Pre-integrated tools to provide visibility and saving opportunities across every kind of spend

Relevant, actionable data is the basic building block for an organization's economic direction and provides the facts and evidence needed both internally and externally to communicate the realities facing every stakeholder. Using the best data available and analytic tools, both in terms of spend and other areas, is the foundation to savings, improved bottom lines, improved clinical outcomes and efficient care delivery.

The Problem:

Managing spends of a healthcare provider with hundreds of categories and thousands of line items can be complex and difficult. Manual processes that require a lot of time and effort to execute routine transactions can make spend management more difficult

Our Ideal Service:

Hvantage Technologies delivers comprehensive spend management capabilities which connects you with high spend visibility, spend compliance and lower transaction costs Our Spend Management Analytic tools can be designed, customized, and configured to conform to your hospital's specific workflows.

Our Offerings:

Our spend management system solution is pre-integrated from the ground up with a focus on your success and profitability.

  • Portfolio Management
    make decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance
  • Procurement and Sourcing
    Drive Employee adoption and cost savings
  • Contract Management
    Get all the savings you negotiated
  • Spend Analysis
    Get an overview of all areas of spend
  • Invoicing of Expenses
    Eliminate paper, increase efficiency and ensure compliance

We are experts in

  • Finance:
    Our team can create budgets and pro forma financial statements to help clients understand their financial position and prepare for possible scenarios, including mergers and acquisitions, affiliations, capitation, and moving away from fee-for-service arrangements.
  • Strategic Planning:
    Our team members are trusted advisors who can help clients assess their current situation and develop a rigorous financial plan to address the strategic and operational needs of their organization.
  • Databases and Dashboards:
    We deal with very large and often highly complex sets of data, but our expertise in analysis and modeling helps us present an accurate, complete and understandable view of our clients' conditions.

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