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Care Coordination Solutions

Identifying and managing the care of patients at high risk for readmission or poorly managed health has always been about doing the right thing for the patient. But keeping patients out of the hospital punishes health systems unless financial incentives are aligned in risk-based payment models that support those good intentions. Health systems have achieved remarkable success by employing case managers and support staff to identify opportunities, make connections, close gaps, and troubleshoot problems. Many of the critical roles in this area—helping patients access care, navigate the system and participate in their own wellness—can be supported by specially-educated and trained, culturally-competent, non-licensed clinical staff. To improve the quality of care within your community, you need a mechanism to coordinate the care of your patients. Before, this included faxes, phone calls, and loads of paperwork. Now the process of creating, triaging, and tracking patient referrals can be automated. With our Care Coordination solution, we equip you with the tools to transition care in your community.

We offer you a comprehensive view of your patient's care plan. Our care coordination solutions improve safety and quality as a patient transitions from one care setting to another Hvantage Technologies help build assessments, monitor results, track outcomes and make modifications in a person's care plan. Healthcare is a group effort, and having full visibility into a patient's care plan is critical. Adopting the right solution helps treat patients who have ongoing medical needs and ensure they receive proper care every time.

Solution for Patient Care plan

Patient Referral Management

It enables home health agencies, hospice agencies, and post-acute care facilities to track all patient referrals in a single system.

Patient Flow

It is an enterprise-wide patient flow management solution that automates complex and labor intensive operational processes — from bed management to transport and turnover.

Homecare Management

It is a fully integrated home care system for both large and small homecare organizations that automates processes from patient intake to billing and accounts receivables.

Care Management

It simplifies and consolidates utilization management, discharge planning, outpatient care management, documentation integrity, quality management and risk management.


Our EHR allows healthcare organizations to truly connect and achieve a workflow that provides meaningful and actionable data.


It allows physicians to intuitively and securely monitor and manage the progress of their patients, their patient populations, and their events within their day-to-day workflow.

Patient Education

Education resources, that are increasingly becoming popular online, dispense customized patient information as per the patient database uploaded by physicians.

Care Coordination

We provide customized care solutions that helps in keeping trackof a patient's progress.

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