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Caring and safeguarding information before and after discharge

How can Hvantage help you?

Hvantage makes it a point to maintain transcripts and filed records on patient summary post-discharge period in order to provide safe keeping of patient's engagement data. The discharge summary services thus allow access and usage of required data in case of future references and emergencies. Following are the Discharge Summary Transcription services offered by Hvantage:

Discharge summary dictation reports

Summarized and systematic dictation reports on patient's pre and post discharge periods for quick access during emergencies.

Diagnostic notes

Maintenance patient's diagnostics reports post discharge for future references as well as immediate requirements.

Medical history and prescription records

Collation and record keeping of patient's medical history in order to avoid discrepancies and utilization case of urgency.

Records of medical tests

Filing and maintenance of patient's medical test reports for future analysis and patient access

Admission/discharge transfer (ADT)

Complete information transcripts on patient's transfer status from the hospital and the procedures involved

Emergency room notes

Confidential safe-keeping of crucial patient data for patient's reference as well as notes for further actions on emergencies with the patient

Advantages :

  • Discharge records help immensely when it comes to referential access by patients.
  • The Summary Transcriptions provide the hospitals and healthcare centers with systematic records of discharge data.

Why Hvantage?

  • Efficient maintenance and safe-keeping of patient's admission, transfer and discharge summaries.
  • Confidential collation of intricate patient related information in lieu of future emergencies.
  • Records and Reports on a patient's stay summaries in order to avoid any discrepancies.

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