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Indexing your medical records with trust and reliability

How can Hvantage help you?

Hvantage believes in managing and maintaining the healthcare and medical records rendering to patients, medical practitioners and hospitals. The indexing services catered to by Hvantage adhere to the record accumulation for the documents related to the patients, thus enhancing upon patient engagement. The medical record indexing services of Hvantage dedicate to the following points:

Insurance Claims

Providing the follow-ups for insurance claims related to patients

Medical Insurance ID Cards

Ensuring the ID cards for insurance medi-claims by the patients

Patient Demographics Sheets

Collating patient demographic records to develop better healthcare opportunities

Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

Inculcating beneficiary factors and collaborating the same in lieu with the same

Clinical History Records

Effectively maintaining the clinical history of patients

Medical Charts

Safe keeping healthcare and medical charts

Patient Records

Explicitly maintaining patient healthcare records

Medical Reports

Efficient accumulation of medical reports of the patients for further emergencies

Physician Orders

Safe maintenance of physician orders and diagnoses

Client Assessment Reports from Home Health

Effectively maintaining the home records of patient's health

Form 485 and Other Types of Forms

Filing up of Form485 and all other claims


Recording the medical prescriptions of patients

Durable Medical Equipment Orders

Collating orders of medical equipments and itineraries

Lab Results

Accumulating lab results for patients and physicians

Correspondence to / from Patient

Communication and correspondence documents of patients and hospitals

Other Types of Records

Containing all related medical records of patients

Advantages :

  • Indexing caters to systematic collection of patient records and documents.
  • Provides the healthcare centers with easier and better access to the maintenance records.

Why Hvantage?

  • Experienced record keeping services for patient documents
  • Indexed and systematically filed healthcare records
  • Confidential and safe collation of medical records for patient requirements

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