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Integrated Marketing Solution

Database Management

Database Management

Strengthen your knowledge Assets with best database management Combining progressive technology and multi-channel experience, Hvantage Technologies offers a database management service for the digital era.

Take an honest check up on any flourishing business, and you'll realize an organization that practices outstanding database management and understands the worth of each piece of incoming data. Combining progressive technology and multi-channel experience, Hvantage Technologies offers an innovative database management service for the digital era.

Database marketing transforms information into actionable data, generates growth, and improves ROI. Sort of a game of chess, the foundations are straightforward, however the play is complicated – and therefore the size of the board has big. Knowledge currently flows in from many sources. A marketer desires talent and immense computing power to leverage it.

Hvantage Technologies' database management services allow you to play the game sort of a participant and win, supplying you with a significant edge on the basis of measurable information.

We deploy a three-step Central Intelligence Alignment method for effective database management. This CIAmethod transforms your info marketing program into a revenue engine powerful enough to drive sales to new heights.

Central Intelligence Alignment (CIA) Process


First, we tend to collect all the data parts of your marketing program – your method of accounting, email marketing info, direct email addresses, social media channels, PPC and CRM files, everything regarding your leads – to modify complicated data with the ability of marketing automation. Desegregation set of data files that are not part of an organization's enterprise-wide data administration shows you the larger image thus you'll be able to derive substantive insights from your entire informational universe. As you pool all of your resources, you recognize a lot regarding your prospects and are ready to track their forward momentum – which leads straight to higher ROI.


Inconsistency is one of the death knell for databases, creating all however unusable. Standardization creates consistency throughout your database. A marketing automation system utilizing its knowledge wordbook to normalize the knowledge properly interprets the similarities in every format and acknowledges data that ought to be sorted along. Once data's place within the same place and format, you're able to create the foremost of it.


Comparing knowledge as an entire or in segments against an existing data base opens new markets to you, helps you to maximize the worth of your lists, and permits you to append knowledge that brings all of your knowledge along into a cohesive whole. With optimized knowledge, you develop a useful lead marking strategy supported solid data instead of guessing and perceive each step your leads take on their shopping journeys.

Why Hvantage?

Our Feature

We offer you a 360-degree read of your client and therefore the ability to react quickly to ever-changing business desires in each channel, together with social media and therefore the web. We will style and maintain your data base to offer you actionable insights that guide your direct email and email marketing campaigns to continual success.

Our Services Includes:
  • Data hygiene
  • Multi-channel database integration and analysis
  • Development of initial permissions and database hygiene rules
  • Reactivation of earlier responsive segments
  • Reducing processing prices
  • Data improvement and overlays, using HvantageBase, our multi-channel database
  • Analytics and explanation of actionable insight
Data Append and data improvement

Hvantage Technologies will enhance your client info by appending key business database parts that may improve your business intelligence and marketing performance. Know more

Data Processing and data Hygiene permits you to Mail additional with efficiency and at Lower prices

Hvantage Technologies offers processing services and data hygiene services for B2B and B2C. Know more

Customer identification Through HvantageBase

Profile your client list to assist finding similar prospects and find the most effective response from your marketing campaigns. Know more

Data Licensing

Our data licensing programs supply one year unlimited use for marketing functions. Know more

Data Append and Improvement

Improving your client List with data appending


Direct marketing has modified. It's not acceptable to just apprehend that a person purchased from your company, at least not if you would like to remain in business. Today, it's essential to know why your client purchases from your organization. This may really be accomplished by understanding your customer's DNA, that is complete through a data append and improvement program.

Hvantage Technologies will enhance your client info by appending key business data parts that may improve your business intelligence and marketing performance. Additionally, we will add contact info among many communication channels that ends up in larger retention and therefore the ability to seek out identical leads on outside lists.

B2B database Append

We begin by matching your house file against HvantageBase, our comprehensive B2B multi-channel information. With match rates of up to five hundredth for corporations by website and up to four-hundredth for people, we are going to then append essential info to your data.

Business Firmographics and data parts:

  • Channel Choices:
    Email and Phone
  • Multi-buyers
    Buyers that have replied to multiple offers from totally different corporations. They're more possibly going to buy than single customers.
  • Text Title
    The prospect's job title. It's a lot reliable data than shopping authority.
  • SIC Code
    The standard industrial classification code. It identifies the business the corporate is in, and individual sites.
  • Employee Size and Sales Volume
    A crucial point in deciding company size and price
  • Existing shopping Sites
    This variable can assist you better your section and find your audience.

Data Roll-ups

A significant challenge whereas analyzing your client base is that the lack of unification between your records, that makes it very tough to question your data and determine clusters of records. Hvantage Technologies can roll up specific database fields among your client base to permit for giant scale file segmentation. We will roll-up and categorise the subsequent fields:

  • Job Title
  • Job Profile
  • Industry
  • Employee Size

Maximize the worth of your client Email File with Hvantage's B2B Reverse Email Append Services.

The Challange

You only have email addresses, however you wish to attach together with your on-line customers offline to make a lot of revenue potential.

The Answer

Reverse Email Append can help you to speak together with your customers through multiple medium, better divide your data based on location, and append firmographic info like SIC and job profile, to know your customers.

What is Reverse Email Append?

Reverse Email Append is Hvantage Technologies data improvement service that accurately appends names, communication addresses and contact numbers to your client records for your specific requirements.

Why use Hvantage Technologies' Reverse Email Append Services?

Hvantage Technologies starts with superior business info. No alternative product or service will match Hvantage Technologies' proprietary data base and technology for quality, accuracy, sophistication, append rates, and simplifying use. Our communication data is additionally certified by CASS for correct delivery.

How Many Addresses are you able to Append?

Hvantage Technologies' valuable and correct B2B method yields match rates as high as forty fifth of your client file appended with valid communication addresses and/or phone numbers.

With communication addresses and/or phone numbers appended to your email list, you will:

  • Improve conversion rates by combining email, direct email and selling methods.
  • Create an elaborated client profile for higher ROI potential.
  • Use direct email to drive your customers to your web site and promote your social marketing methods.

Hvantage Reverse Append Process:


Receives your file of email address records.


Appends people name, communication address and/or number from our premium B2B info


Delivers back your customer database with accurate deliverable names, postal addresses and/or phone numbers.


You only pay for matched records.

Consumer Data Append

We start by matching your house file against our consumer database. We will then append the critical data elements necessary for your business growth.

  • Gender
  • Age Dwelling Type
  • Home value
  • Hobbies/Interest
  • Income
  • Presence of youngsters
  • Homeowner status
  • Length of Residence
  • Marital status
  • Net value
  • Credit Card
  • Ailments
  • Apparel
  • Books & Music
  • Donor
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Money and Finance
  • Political Affiliation
  • Recreation
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel and more

Hvantage Technologies can also append email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers for generating telemarketing leads. Studies show that response rates leap dramatically when prospects are contacted through more than one channel

Data Hygiene and Processing

Data Hygiene and Processing Allow You to Mail More Efficiently, ensuring in a Higher result on Your Investment


All marketers recognize that the key to promoting success is obtaining your offer delivered. With the inflow of incomplete and inaccurate house file data, the requirement for correct data hygiene and process campaigns is bigger than ever. It's too valuable to mail undeliverable communication items, and your email name is simply too necessary to pay on undeliverable email addresses. Hvantage Technologies offers the industry's leading knowledge hygiene and processing service, HvantageVerify.


Telephone Validation

Our program validates contact numbers and make sure that the syntax is correct. This includes removal of non-existent space codes and additional digits.

Email Hygiene

  • Failed Email Structure Validation/Key Failure
    These records are known as containing keywords that are flagged as being indicative of a entice or screamer. Additionally, this includes records that don't seem to be structured like associate email address.
  • Spam Trap/Mole Record
    Identified famous mole/trap records and domains, likewise as suspected/higher risk records. This method additionally includes suppression of records inside domains famous to feed data upstream to third party SPAM observance services. We have a tendency to powerfully suggest suppressing all records inside this class. The danger isn't worth any reward in deploying them.
  • Disposable Email Address
    Domains that are only utilized by people to register for one thing then never used ever again. These accounts are generally automatically deleted after a particular period of time and supply a one-on-one relationship between associate email address and subscription. Deploying to those can permit the recipient to spot the offer of the marketing message. These records mustn't be deployed to.
  • Known Hard Bounces/Pinged Hard Bounces
    These records have earlier been deployed by Hvantage Technologies or are "pinged" and have received a hard bounce classification. These records mustn't be deployed to.

Data Reactivation

Hvantage Technologies will activate your entire info by matching it up against our active data of business professionals. Through our proprietary match logic we are going to establish everybody on your present data base that's a lively into our data. Once this method is complete, Hvantage Technologies can return your file with the reactivated records. This can permit you to re-engage together with your data base of famous active professionals.

Merge Purge

Merge Purge is method of mixing multiple lists, at the same time distinguishing or combining duplicates and purging unwanted records. This method saves you cash by eliminating duplicate mailings and maximising response.

Customer identification

Understand Your client to reach Full Market Potential

Knowledge is power, and it's essential to any flourishing promoting mission. Hvantage Technologies' client profile delivers the ability of data on to marketers in an accessible, actionable format that identifies the key firmographic and demographic DNA of your customers. The business intelligence generated by our client profile is indispensable. Once we have a tendency to establish your customer's footprint, we tend to then clone that profile inside our multi-channel, multi-sourced third-party prospecting info thus you'll be able to target ideal prospects to become your next customers.

Creating a correct client profile will assist you to:

How it Works

Provide your client file to Hvantage Technologies to run against our HvantageBase multi-channel data base of over seventy two million communicating addresses, fifty three million phone numbers and thirty five million email addresses to search out records that match. Then we'll overlay your file with firmographic knowledge like sic, existing shopping sites, sales volume, worker size and individual information parts together with job title/function, postal, phone and email addresses.

What data is offered with a Hvantage profile through HvantageBase?

Business Firmographics/Data Elements:

  • SIC
  • Sales Volume
  • Employee Size
  • Job Title
  • Job profile
  • Existing shopping Sites
  • Domain
  • Email Address
  • Industry
  • Buying Influences

Consumer Demographics on the market for a client Profile:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Dwelling type
  • Home Value
  • Hobbies/Interest
  • Estimated financial gain
  • Presence of Children
  • Homeowner Status
  • Length of Residence
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • Credit Card
  • Ailments
  • Apparel
  • Books & Music
  • Donor
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Money and Finance
  • Political Affiliation
  • Recreation
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel and more

Data Licensing

Allow users to freely share, modify, and use a database


All databases are not created equal. The most important factor when reviewing data sources are the quality of data, depth of the data elements and accuracy of the hygiene process. Hvantage Technologies is non comparable in this field, significantly with HvantageBase, the superior multi-sourced B2B data.The key separator between HvantageBase and the other data supplier is that our data base is a part of a lively info that was given permissions to receive third-party offers. Each contact in HvantageBase is actively engaged with third-party offers on a day-to-day basis to make sure the best level of accuracy and responsiveness.

Why data Licensing Matters

Licensing this dynamic data allows you to:

  • Significantly cut back your value to amass new customers
  • Possess a bigger piece of your target market
  • Reduce file process tasks
  • Cut merge/purge expenses
  • Economize with a single-source supplier for distinctive knowledge
  • Make abundant contacts across key demographic segments
  • Work with a stellar account team that may handle each facet of your correspondence
  • Set up regular invoicing schedules for complete convenience

Our licensing programs offer:

  • One Year of Unlimited Use
  • Data improvement
  • New Prospects at client Sites
  • New Prospects inside Prime corporations

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