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Integrated Marketing Solution

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Competition for your audience's attention is at unsurpassed high. To engage them, you would like subtle software that provides you magnificent power to generate and nurture leads, gain complete management over campaigns, determine your website visitors, coordinate multi-touch marketing across channels and align your content marketing along with your audience. With marketing automation, you remodel your marketing department into a revenue producer that quickly processes leads through your sales pipeline.

With marketing automation, you're in a position to:

  • Identify and track your prospects' digital footprints
  • Score leads in real time for sales readiness thus you recognize exactly when to act
  • Nurture leads help in prepare them for your sales team
  • Automate routine tasks from initial contact to sales and on the far side
  • Give your prospects custom-built, relevant content in email, on web site pages and more
  • Test your marketing campaigns in real time with dynamic inventive improvement
  • Deliver the correct message to the correct audience
  • Develop machine-controlled triggers to connect with your leads at important points on their buyer's journey
  • Guide your content strategy and assess its effectiveness with clear analytics
  • Measure your marketing success in real revenue generation
  • Connect your outward marketing efforts directly to your website visitors

Marketing automation takes your troublesome and manual processes and converts them to straightforward and automatic.

The results are staggering as early adopters of automation have gotten the bestride their competition and are out-performing them dramatically:
Effective users of marketing automation earn a 450 % increase in qualified leads over their previous lead generation strategy.

B2B businesses that use marketing automation to integrate their sales and marketing departments report more than four hundred % increase in revenue.

Leads who are nurtured through marketing automation flows average per-purchase volumes that are nearly fifty % larger than leads who haven't been fastidiously nurtured. You don't simply produce additional leads, however better-qualified leads – and you begin obtaining them straightaway. With marketing automation, you're ready to determine and concentrate on the foremost promising prospects.

Why Hvantage Technologies Automation?

Experienced marketing professionals are the distinction between merely putting in marketing automation software and implementing a replacement revenue-based promoting engine.

We integrate the ability of marketing AITM automation with our suite of complementary product and services as well as massive information, database marketing, email marketing, real-time internet personalization, SEO, social media, CRM, inbound and outbound marketing techniques to provide you comprehensive marketing solutions available anywhere.

As the leading information and technology-driven integrated promoting firm, we've pioneered the employment of marketing AI automation as we harness its tremendous potential for our business. From software installation and integration to implementation, strategy and campaign execution, the certified marketing automation consultants at Hvantage Technologies can guarantee your success.

Marketing Lead Management

Hvantage Technologies is uniquely positioned to assist our customers implement and utilize marketing automation to drive high line results.

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