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Integrated Marketing Solution

Data/Email Append

Email Append

Increase Revenue from Existing Business Associations with Email Append Services.

Increase Revenue from Existing Business Associations

Email marketing is one of the most important part of every promoting strategy. Email is immediate, direct, and traceable and remains the foremost well-liked method business professionals and customers value more highly to communicate. The rising price of postage, printing and mailing makes staying in-tuned with customers prohibitively high-priced and has significantly raised the importance of email marketing. The businesses that execute the foremost effective email marketing strategies will undeniably dominate their respective industries and edge out their competition.

What is Email Append?

Email Append is a Hvantage Technologies data enhancement service that accurately appends deliverable, permission-approved email addresses to your customers' records for your specific needs.

B2B Email Address Append

Why use Hvantage Technologies' Email Append Services?

Unlike other providers that supply Google and Yahoo email addresses, Hvantage Technologies starts with its superior business email database of corporate domains. We only deliver individual email addresses so you won't receive any "info@" or "sales@" email addresses. We also deploy a validation message to each record to ensure accuracy and compliance. No alternative product or service will match Hvantage Technologies' proprietary data and technology for quality, accuracy, sophistication, deliverability and append rates.

How Many Email Addresses Can you Append?

Hvantage Technologies' valuable and accurate B2B process yields match rates as high as 20 percent of your customer file appended with valid deliverable email addresses.

With append email addresses to your client list, you will:

  • Substantially increase customer retention by sending relevant, timely, cost effective, email communications.
  • Reduce business costs by driving your customers to your website.
  • Recover lost customers utilizing email's low cost-to-contact pricings.
  • Improve conversion rates by combining email, direct email and cold calling ways.
  • Jump start your social marketing methods.

The Hvantage Technologies Email Append Process:

  • Receives your file of individual name, name and address records.
  • Appends individuals' email address from our premium B2B Email database matching Name, organization and communication Address fields on your file.
  • Sends a welcome message to your client, explaining your hope to speak with them via email and giving the chance to opt.
  • Delivers your client information with approved deliverable email addresses.
  • Solely bills for approved deliverable email addresses came back along with your client file.
Maximize the worth of your client Email File with Hvantage's B2B Reverse Email Append Services.

The Challenge:You only have email addresses, however you wish to attach together with your on-line customers offline to make a lot of revenue potential.

The Answer:Reverse Email Append can help you to speak together with your customers through multiple medium, better divide your data based on location, and append firmographic info like SIC and job profile, to know your customers.

What is Reverse Email Append?

Reverse Email Append is Hvantage Technologies data improvement service that accurately appends names, communication addresses and contact numbers to your client records for your specific requirements.

Why use Hvantage Technologies' Reverse Email Append Services?

Hvantage Technologies starts with superior business info. No alternative product or service will match Hvantage Technologies' proprietary data base and technology for quality, accuracy, sophistication, append rates, and simplifying use. Our communication data is additionally certified by CASS for correct delivery.

With communication addresses and/or phone numbers appended to your email list, you will:

  • Hvantage Technologies' valuable and correct B2B method yields match rates as high as forty fifth of your client file appended with valid communication addresses and/or phone numbers.

How Many Addresses are you able to Append?

Hvantage Technologies' valuable and correct B2B method yields match rates as high as forty fifth of your client file appended with valid communication addresses and/or phone numbers.

The Hvantage Reverse Append Process:


Receives your file of email address records.


Delivers back your customer database with accurate deliverable names, postal addresses and/or phone numbers.


You only pay for matched records.

Consumer Data Append

We start by matching your house file against our consumer database. We will then append the critical data elements necessary for your business growth.

  • Gender
  • Age Dwelling Type
  • Home value
  • Hobbies/Interest
  • Income
  • Presence of youngsters
  • Homeowner status
  • Length of Residence
  • Marital status
  • Net value
  • Credit Card
  • Ailments
  • Apparel
  • Books & Music
  • Donor
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Money and Finance
  • Political Affiliation
  • Recreation
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel and more

Hvantage Technologies can also append email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers for generating telemarketing leads. Studies show that response rates leap dramatically when prospects are contacted through more than one channel

B2C Append

Hvantage Technologies works with multiple client email append suppliers to make sure the best match rate for all-time low cost. B2C yields match rates from 15-30% on 1st run files.


The Hvantage Technologies B2C Email Append Process:


Timeline: one ½ weeks.


Match Process: scrap customer's on-line email address by using our proprietary database and partners.


Welcome Message Delivery: Branded email message designed to introduce on-line communication to every of the matched customers.


Final Results: Deliverable email addresses for the matched client Records and separate file of subscribed Outs.

Update Email Addresses

You can additionally clean up your email file by changing expired email addresses.

Did you know:

People who obtain product marketed through email spend 138 % over people who don't receive email offers. (Forrester Research)


More than forty four % of email recipients created a minimum of one purchase last year supported a promotional email. (Jupiter Research)

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