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Amazon Marketplace Management Services
Driving Sales for your brands on Amazon

Whether you are a manufacturer, a drop-shipper or an online retailer planning to sell products on Amazon Marketplace or already have an account that needs to be regularly updated and proactively managed, Hvantage Technologies can help you list, rank and sell on world's largest online marketplace in the world! One of the fastest ways to reach hundreds of millions of customers, globally – Amazon is a selling platform that all serious merchants must consider. If you've been selling directly to your customers through an eCommerce store, and are yet to maximize on the opportunity to sell your products via a massive online eCommerce Marketplace outlet such as Amazon, Hvantage Technologies can make the process of setting up a store as well as managing your inventory on Amazon Marketplace as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Our Main Services

Amazon Consultancy

One of our Marketplace experts will get in touch with you to analyze your marketplace management requirement, understand the challenges and your product marketing strategy.

Amazon Store Development

We will audit your present marketplace accounts and if you do not have one, our experts will help create your account on some of the leading marketplaces.

Amazon Product Upload

Once accounts are created or optimized, we will start with collecting the products, carefully select the right listing category or create customized item listings for unlisted items and will upload the products with required title, descriptions, specs and images.

Amazon Listing Optimization

We continuously optimize these products and make them more visible and desirable amongst the major marketplaces. We will increase the visibility of products by adding the right keywords in titles and descriptions to ensure that it is optimized for relevant search queries.

Amazon Photo Editing

We will provide cost-effective Amazon Photo Editing Services, helping online retailers enhance the quality of product images and increase conversion rates.

Amazon Product Descriptions

We provide effective Amazon product description writing services to help eCommerce entrepreneurs bridge the gap between product catalog and sales.

Amazon Review Writing

We offer Amazon review writing services at cost-effective prices, helping online merchants create well-balanced, factually-correct, interesting and credible reviews to pre-sell goods, boost brand awareness and increase conversions.

Amazon SEO & Marketing

We deliver a comprehensive range of Amazon SEO Services to help you rank better in Amazon- one of the largest product search engines.

Amazon Competitor Analysis

We will monitor your competitors and ensure that your products outsell most of the competitor's products. We will monitor new products, prices and features of the competing products to find out ways of outperforming them.

Order & Inventory Management

We will update all the online marketplaces at a regular period with the latest price and stock changes.

We're The Team behind Happier, More Profitable Amazon Merchants

  • We deliver spectacular digital experience with stunning Amazon store
    Our experts efficiently set-up your Amazon store with complete and correct information – delivering world-class experience to your buyers.
  • Our professionals have expertise you can count on
    With thousand years of combined experience, our professionals have worked across diverse industry verticals and niches – bringing extensive domain expertise to the table.
  • We focus on your growth
    At Hvantage Technologies Inc, we continually explore opportunities for growth and create strategies that you support you in outshining the pack and reaping immense benefits.
  • We work across boundaries
    Our experts hold a wealth of experience in delivering a complete suite of Amazon Data Solutions to clients in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, etc.
  • Our teams operate around the clock
    Our professionals work in shifts to make sure that your Amazon store is well-managed, optimized and updated.

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