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Start up Staffing For IT Company

Case Study #2: Start-up Staffing For IT Company

Project summary: 

Hvantage provides a coding workforce for numerous programming projects. The team works on an as required basis, usually performing on multiple projects at the same time.

Feedback summary: 

Even though Hvantage is an offshore company, their developers work US hours, creating communication simple. All code has been well written and completely documented, and every member of the team is responsible. Extremely suggested for responsibleness.

"They have the method nailed right down to a science."


We are a software system development house, and that we specialize in association with marketing agencies or any kind of customer to handle their outsourced programming wants. We tend to jump in on projects, do begin to end, and work with any web technologies, like mobile apps, digital signage, and booth design. Just about something associated with inventive technologies.

I am the owner and CEO. We tend to don’t have a large team of personnel or a huge numbered development team. I manage all the developers and work on all the new business development and regular operations.


Hvantage provided resources for all development. We tend to offer them the specs, and that I manage the project end to end with the developer or developers on the project. There’s no support or coaching involved in any respect. 

I worked with a number of the developers on another project that I used to be a part of, however, I wasn’t the owner of it. Once that project finishes off, I picked up the developers that were forgoing and began using Hvantage as a result of I was so pleased with the result.


Most of our projects are six to ten weeks on the average. Some are a number of weeks or a month. It is often stray.

I have current work with Hvantage, therefore there's no last project. I’m presently operating with them.


Hvantage's work is top quality, and that they are careful. They’re educated, and that they communicate well, with glorious command of the English language. I haven’t found any downsides to their team in any respect. The performance has been nice.​

They are terribly responsible. I’ve worked with offshore development before, and their schedules are often unpredictable. The very fact that Hvantage works U.S. hours, Eastern Time zone hours, 8 to 4, is very useful. I don’t have to be compelled to be up at three a.m. to manage the team. They accommodate the U.S. development cycle nicely.

They have the method nailed right down to a science. They keep the aren’t doing the work out of the consumer pool, and that they don’t place up with anyone who’s not performing. It's never been a difficulty.

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Hvantage is a global technology and an outsourcing company which has gained domain expertise on Banking, Consumer Products, High tech, Insurance, Financial Services, and Retail, It provides its clients with world-class software solutions and support services which are tailored by unique requirements for clients across the globe. Ranging from Information Technology services designed for business productivity to expert installation, outsourcing, and implementation to Hosted Solutions, our IT services & products are best-fit solutions viable to serve the global IT sectors.

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