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Development Staffing For Digital Marketing Agency

Case Study #1: Development Staffing For Digital Marketing Agency

Project summary: 

Hvantage augmented workforce with development capabilities for a digital advertising agency. They provided resources who developed client websites, building complex back-end elements and helping with design whenever necessary. The collaboration is ongoing.

Feedback summary: 

Hvantage has provided resources who have developed 15-20 separate websites, and finish users are terribly glad about the work. Every developer is liable for direct communication that creates transparency and answerability. The Hvantage team way exceeds the industry norm.


We're a digital advertising agency based mostly in Dallas, Texas. We tend to use Hvantage for Development Staffing for client websites and on-line projects likewise as our own internal on-line projects.

I am the founder.


They undoubtedly expand our capabilities into a lot of the serious head hunt of the developers for back-end elements of the projects that we tend to do. We needed a long-run partner who will give us an on demand and “as and when needed” workforce to enhance our development capabilities to serve our clients higher.


In addition to providing a workforce for back-end coding, they supply resources who will do front end in addition. From a front-end perspective, they extend our team. We’ve got the front-end development engineered internally also, and that they facilitate us therewith once required.

I used completely different outsourcing firms for the last 3 years. A folk of mine had met with one of their salespeople and gave him my name, mentioning that I would have an interest. I met with him through the cold call from their sales rep. I interviewed them and commenced staffing with Hvantage.

I have no plans to stop the engagement at this point. I have three full-time people on our engagement, and we treat them like an extension of our team. We don’t treat them like an outsourcing component at all. We're in constant contact with them every day throughout the day. We treat Hvantage as an extension of our team.

My team has had up to nine part-time and full-time developers. That scales with my workflow. The lowest I’ve had has been three people, which is where we stay in slower months. The hours typically range from 25 to 40 hours a week per developer.


I don’t have any stats to share. Ninety percent of the work that we do is straight Web development and websites. Most of the time, the designs are handed to us from a different company. Then we come in and do the back-end build out. We have successfully launched projects since we’ve been working with Hvantage. We probably have 15 or 20 successful launches since they came on board. As far as hard data, I don’t know what the statistics look like. We are absolutely satisfied, and my end clients are absolutely satisfied.

They don’t compare to other staffing companies. Hands down, this has been the absolute best experience I’ve ever had with contingent staffing, and I’ve used several different companies through the years: The way they manage their team, the way that they stand behind their project is amazing. The overseas team adapts to our needs. The constant communication, and also the transparency that they supply are nice. With most staffing firms that I’ve worked with, you historically get the team, who is already interviewed and informed all the project details. The resource is typically not helped with queries stating that in employment they will get their queries resolved, and you never recognize for how long they'd be functioning on your project or the amount of ability of person functioning on your project. You don’t recognize what’s really happening in the back of the mind of the employee.

However, with Hvantage, you’re in direct communication with the person who is going to do the work. You’re talking to them daily, and you recognize specifically that person would be functioning on your projects as a result of you’re responsible for hiring & managing those resources. For me, there's no comparison. You can’t really compare the 2. I’ll never return to the approach that I used to be doing it before.

Their work is ten times higher than the other competitors that I’ve used. The combination, the amount of communication between the personnel at Hvantage and us can forever be improved. Obviously, the goal of staffing is to rent teams quickly while not a lot of the investment on infra or time or cash. Replacing that one that sits next to you is incredibly laborious to do, particularly once you’re using folks that are foreign to the American work culture. that's the one issue that they might work on a lot of, but bar none, they do it better than all the other agencies I’ve used. They place their candidates through a minimum of 2 completely different testing situations, written and verbal. The individuals on my team all speak very clearly and communicate fine. 

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