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Tours And Travels Management

Creativity and innovation that steers tourism into all new dimensions

Add immense value to your tourism planning with the state-of-the art automation functionalities offered by Hvantage Technologies. Our tech wizardry lets you focus on what matters and take prominent care of your open ERP Tours & Travel management software, in order to boost business productivity.

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Tours And Travels Management

Let Hvantage Technologies offer you with the most efficient Technology Solutions and ERP Solution!

Dispense an enriched customer experience with the assistance of our Tour & Travel Software Systems, developed especially for the travel sector. We fabricate our technology services in ways that derive the extensive value for your routine Travel Software Development operations.

The ERP Tours & Travel Management Software caters to the end-to-end solutions integrating hotel booking, transportation support as well as all the tourism associated services for your customers, streamlining their journey to the maximum levels of leisure. Providing safe online transactions becomes another point of action for the Tour & Travel Software System.

Eliminating cost overheads and reducing staff dependency minimize the time expenditure over routine tasks as well as human errors while automating tools for tremendous business boost.

Features that stimulate all-round customer services

Tour Creation & Coniguration Screenshot1 | Tours & Travel Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com

Tour Configuration:

  • Database catering tour wise leads
  • Agent records provision for tour leads
  • Temporal reports on tours
  • CRM and tour booking integration

Tour Booking

  • Administration of multiple travel media (flights, trains etc)
  • Customized hotel specifications
  • Dynamic tour packages
  • Per day tour plans provisions
  • Destination wise site seeing
  • Individual tour package option
  • Availability and dispute management
Tour Booking Screenshot2 | Tours & Travel Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com
Hotel Reservation Screenshot3 | Tours & Travel Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com

Hostel Reservation:

  • Hotel booking task records
  • Feasible monitoring
  • Passenger details management
  • Customized hotel specifications
  • Automated invoicing

Transport Reservation:

  • Granular control over transportation (inbound/outbound)
  • Integrating transport modes
  • Prompt and comprehensive booking
  • Auto-generation and maintenance of records
  • Automated invoicing
Transport Booking Screenshot4 | Tours & Travel Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com
Customer Enquiry Screenshot5 | Tours & Travel Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com

Passport and Visa management

  • Integration of third-party passport services
  • Prompt updates on passport status
  • Integration of scanned documents
  • Passport process record filtration
  • Linking Visa services
  • Defining pricing policies

Customer Enquiry

  • Prompt responses to queries
  • Efficient response generation on FAQs
  • Dedicated enquiry handlers
  • Availability on various media
Custom Tour Itinerary Management | Tours & Travel Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com
Custom Tour Itinerary Management | Tours & Travel Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com

Tour Itinerary management

  • Customized tour packages
  • Hotel and transport specifications
  • Budget tour management
  • Dynamic tour packages
  • Reliable and efficient tour locations

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Hvantage Review Over Clutch
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