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ERP Magento Integration

9 Magento Integration

We provide 9 Magento integration services. Magento is a good platform for front end of your web shop and acts as a perfect back office application supporting all the business processes required by a company.

Connector Features

  • Product catalog export from to Magento and Sale orders imports from Magento to . Users can import catalogues, categories and products along with customers information and addresses. The Magento connector imports every order status including the cancelled orders. The other imported orders are pending, enqueued, started, done or failed. The connector also creates a contact if it did not exist earlier.

  • Product stocks updates, based on virtual stocks (number of products in the physical stock that have not been reserved yet)

  • Synchronization: The Magento connector processes the import of orders on the basis of the order status in , thus synchronising the information across the e-commerce and platforms.

  • Management of product types: The Magento connector supports the import of all types of products except configurable products helping the users to maintain a perfect record of the inventory by creating a bill of materials for bundled product types.

  • No Duplication: One individual task is created for each record to import in for sales order, customer, product and other categories thus reducing data redundancy.

  • Fully Tested: The connector and the integration is completely scrutinized by unit test cases which check the functionality with different order and product types and other combinations.
    The testing ensures that the connector behavior is predictable and active development does not hinder the working features. You can see it for yourself.

    The connector is still missing a few functions, which have been added to our to-do list. Here are the to-do functions:
    • Multi-language support
    • Handling of configurable products
    • Show ERP invoices on Magento customer account.

  • Product Category tree export, including creation and update

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