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iPaaS on AWS

Hvantage has powered on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the fast growing cloud spectrum that fuels millions of businesses trans globally. Deploy your enterprise apps using on AWS and enjoy the benefits of a low-cost, pay-as-you-go pricing and elastic capacity on a global cloud infrastructure with data centers around the globe.

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Hvantage iPaaS on AWS

Hvantage brings to you extensive effects when it comes to your fleet management concerns

Cloud Hosting on AWS

Extremely reliable cloud spectrum doesn't just catapult the app deployment infrastructure. Across the global client centres, Hvantage aims at providing low cost outsourcing options to the customers.

AWS optimized Deployment
Complete Care - Hosting & Support
Pricing and Plans - Suiting your Business

AWS optimized deployment

Expertise in Amazon AWS

Hvantage Technologies, being an Amazon partner implements state-of-the-art AWS technology solutions for their loyal clientele globally. Driven by pure market needs, venturing into the iPaaS space will surely be an added advantage to your business. Specializing in consultation and implementation for customer services involve completely fabricated processes adhering to client requirements. Including customers that range from small-time vendors to high-end executives, amalgamation of advanced technologies as well as technological solutions remains our prime focus.

Attractive designing of Amazon Web Service solutions has prevailed as the forte of Hvantage Technologies since their years of expertise. We thus are a business environment inspired by ever-changing technologies.

Performance tuned deployment

Over the development years, Hvantage has tested numerous approaches on our Operation heaps, stimulation over AWS deployment. Using lightweight and high performance constituents alongside demo installation overbear the Hvantage deployment system.

Complete Care

With the Hvantage approach of utilizing cloud servers, complete control of server environment through custom built panels supports updates on monitoring alerts. We believe in introducing new dimensions into the equations, claiming extensive customer support. With the aid of our specialized staff, there will never remain any room for doubt.

Managed Data Migration

Moving to a Hvantage Managed Cloud Server has never been easier! The migration services are handled by our Odoo Techno-functional experts taking care of data migration, consistency and deployment.

Scaling on Demand

Scaling was never easier... you just need to add a scaling event and the scaling process starts automatically at the time you have entered.

NGINX & Varnish Support

We fully support NGINX and Varnish. Varnish can be enabled for a domain with a single click.

Backup & Restore

Creating, restoring or downloading a database backup is super easy and only requires a single click.

DNS Management

Full feature DNS management allows you to easily manage your domains.

Database Management

All database tasks, ranging from creating databases to manually editing tables, can be done through.

Service Management

Starting, stopping or restarting a service like MySQL, PHP or NGINX can be done with a single click.

Pricing and Plans - Suiting your Business


For a start - the best startup

Best Suited: Startups, developers


High Performance Operation Heap

1 Server with both Hvantage Server and Postgres Database


For daily use with high benefits

Best Suited: Small Business


High Performance Operation Heap

1 HV Server

1 Database Server

Database & System Images


The best of both worlds

Best Suited: Mid-sized Business


High Performance Operation Heap

1 Load balancer

2 HV server

1 Postgres Database Server

Redis Cache

Database & System Images


The King of indulgence - Live life King Size

Application Firewall


1 Load balancer

AutoScaling (Webserver)

1 Postgres Database Server

Database & System Images

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