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Insurance Management

When it comes to delivering critical processes efficiently, customer demands become a turn-key factor in the scenario. Inculcating process automation, innovating upon the regulatory compliance and elevating touch-point stakeholders is where the ERP software development from Hvantage Technologies steps in for your insurance domain. Feasibility, automation, documentation are few of the advantages that we dispense towards the betterment of your insurance open ERP management software.

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Total performance management enabled by Hvantage ERP solution

Stimulating intricate business development decisions adhering to data precision

Insurance Management ERP Solutions at HvantageTechnologies.com

It's extremely important for an insurance business to have insight about their functionalities. The ERP software solutions from Hvantage Technologies thus provide you with an edge in the business. Catering better to stakeholder management and visibility on claims settlement surely help your businesses thrive through situations. Efficient and precise comprehension of behavioural patterns from your managers, executives, partners and agents elevate your employee motivation, thus extracting optimal productivity for the business.

Cutting edge features in the insurance domain

  • Data retrieval (contact information etc)
  • Contract definition
  • Contract clause development
  • Claims processing
  • Powerful customer relationship management
  • Customer tracking
  • Product management
  • Efficient reporting
  • Transparent decision making

Unique Features on Implementation services

  • Fleet management integration
  • No GPS requirement
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Complete History search
  • Prompt reports


Claims Screenshot1 | Insurance Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com

Broker Dashboard

Broker Dashboard Screenshot2 | Insurance Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com

New Product

New Product Screenshot3 | Insurance Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com
Insurance Dashboard

Insurance Dashboard | Insurance Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com
New Contract

New Contract | Insurance Management ERP - HvantageTechnologies.com

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Hvantage Review Over Clutch
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