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Dental Clinic Management

This solution is useful for dental professionals to manage their businesses.

Dental Clinic Management helps to manage Patients, Appointment, Treatment Plan, Imaging, Billing and many more.

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Dental Clinic Management System

Our Dental Clinic Management System is a product that coordinate and integrate all the activities involved in the management and running of a Dental Clinic.

Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions at

Dental Clinic Management is a dedicated module built for practitioner in the field of dentistry. Dental Clinic Management can be used to record data of all patients who are visiting clinic for any type of service. Services could be of any type like Appointment Scheduling, Billing, Imaging, Treatment Plan and many more.

Features of Dental Clinic Management

Pre-configured Treatment

Pre-Configured Treatment Screenshot1 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

System has some pre-configured list of dental treatment and user can create many more. In lab operation we can select appropriate treatment to be performed on the patient and that can be invoice-able.

List Down All Patient on One Click

Search and select is quite easy. System allows maintaining family details of the patient. While booking any appointment system allows creating new patient details on fly. Unique patient identification number (Patient ID) allows system to check whether same number is not getting repeated against any person. This will help in maintaining correct data.

List Down Screenshot2 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -


Appointments Screenshot3 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

In this form user can see the patient appointments in the form of list. Here you will find that the appointment has booked with the various parameters like Appointment date, Dentist name, Room, Patient status like come with appointment or walk in and state like in chair, confirmed, sms send, completed, etc.

Medical Questionnaire

This form allows user to fill the answers of medical questions by asking it to patient and which can be update in the future.

Medical Questionnaire Screenshot4 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Medical Alert

Medical Alert Screenshot5 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Whenever user opens patient form, system will pop up medical alert notification.

Teeth Chart

Doctor will select the teeth surface and then select the procedure for it. After selection of procedure, system will add procedure name with other details like description, tooth, surface, status, dentist name, amount and action in the list. Once doctor click on completed and close button system will generate draft invoice against that patient.

Teeth Chart Screenshot6 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -


Operations Screenshot7 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Whatever treatment applied on the patient's teeth's, it will be listed out here. Doctor can see the complete history of patient in an operations menu.


Here doctor/receptionist will upload the x-ray images of patient and when required doctor can open it with zoom option.

Patient Complaints

Images Screenshot8 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

This functionality allows user to log patient's complaint in the system. When user logs any complaint it will reflect in the selected patient form. Here using patient complaints form we can track the complaints and can take proper action on it.

Patient's Birthday Alerts

Here it will shows the today's (according to system date) birthday. We have configured scheduler for the birthday alert. This scheduler runs every day at defined time and checks the date of birth of every patient, if system date matches with then it will list out in the birthday alert form.

Patient's Birthday Alerts Screenshot10 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Planned Visit Alerts

Planned Visit Alerts Screenshot11 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

Planned visits (for example oral cleaning must be performed each 3 months). If person did not visit more than 3 months, then patient name appears in the planned visit alert list.


This is the report option, from here user can generate reports. User need to select the date range here and just click on print report button.

Report Screenshot12 | Dental Clinic Management ERP Solutions -

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