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Build Call Centre Software Compatible with Every Business

Call centre services are more demanding services in the major part of the industries. With the digital and voice support, call centre services are growing and people also prefer to have them served through phone calls in most of the cases. People seek the quick and prompt services, therefore, they opt for calling directly to the regarding service centre or offices to resolve their problems. Since attending everyone personally or face to face cannot be possible for the organization yes it would require too much human power that would cost them while paying them. Therefore, many in fact, most of the industries that need to deal with the customers on regular basis are now adopting the call centre software to get connected with their customers.

Using a single call centre software has helped in increasing the productivity of the industries as the software capacity is many times more than the single human. Also, it made the communication fast and customers are now leveraged with the prompt and quick services just by dialling the numbers to regarding industry.

In nutshell, you can take a call centre software as the virtual human who performs the call process operations to assist its customers in bulk and thus increases the productivity of the organization. The call centre software is efficiently featured with the tools that allow volume calls, call routing and assisting the customers with calls.

Call centre Software is used by inbound and outbound centres. Let’s know the difference between two:

  1. An inbound call centre: Such call centres are a helpdesk for customers. Customers when finding any issue they dial the corresponding service providers and ask them to solve their issues. Such services demand 24/7 serving capacity and therefore software here fits better.

  2. An Outbound centre: This call centre is dedicated to the telemarketing operations. The outbound covers all the calls that an agent make with its customers and clients. They make calls to share the information regarding their services, products. The telemarketing companies through their outbound call centres also use such services used such services for providing their customers with the additional information like bill payment reminder or service upgrading reminder. This helps the businesses to have the lead generation, promotion of services and also research and survey for their services.

Check out- whether you need call centre software?

It has seen that generally the enterprises or bigger industries set up their customer service call centres. For small companies and organizations, it would cost more and therefore call centre software has emerged as the reliable and an affordable solution to them.  

Check out following points

  • If you are an organization that needs to deal with a volume of customers through phones then the call centre software is of worth.

  • If you are dealing with B2B.

  • You are related to education, recruitment or any business where the communication with customers or clients is an undetectable part, then, this call centre software will help you in increasing the productivity of your business.   

  • The real estate business too requires the communication with a volume of customers thus using the call centre software will be fruitful for such business.

How to build call centre software that makes it easy for any business to win more customers?

The call centre software is a tool to communicate with the clients and customers and therefore it should not miss out the basic and even the advanced features. To make the customer care service more prompt and impressive the software must include the following features.

Basic but important features of a call centre software:

A call centre software is built with the various features that serve in increasing the productivity of the business helping in increasing the conversion rates also We are here listing out the basic features of a call centre software.

1. Profile management

The software is built with the basic feature of profile management that manages the profiles the caller and clients.

Caller Profile: For providing the call centre assistance, the companies and organizations most probably have the individual team for assisting its customers and clients. This team deals with the volumes of data and figures that need to be maintained for the efficient operation of lead generation, maintaining the existing customers of the company. Therefore, caller profile of the company is also important. The software allows the calling team to manage and add data like name, country, and contact number, payments, services, etc. of the customers to its profiles.

Agent profile: The profiles that are publicly displayed for the customers regarding the serving department, skills, expertise, languages offering and company ratings. This helps the customers in discovering the agents and assistance of the company easily for their telephonic search and assistance.

2. Call management

The most helpful and serving feature of any call centre software is the call management. Let’s see how this software manages the various functions of the calling procedure.

Call recordings: Call centres use call recordings for the training and feedback purposes for their team. When the agents make a call to their customers, then, call recordings feature helps in knowing them where they are right or wrong and how can they make improvement in their workings.

Call routing: The software allows the automatic call routing process based on policy or caller ID information. This makes the process more optimized in a way that by scheduling the call for the listed customers, the team can easily know who is calling, to whom a call is supposed to divert and at what time the call needs to be processed.

Call queue management: The most important feature that helps in pleasing the customers when they are in a queue to make a call to the service centres. Call queue management feature is programmed to let the customers know when they are in a queue of call making. On hearing the waiting message (software allows the reason and logic mentioning) customers can hang-up their call or wait for the services to be routed to the concerned department to solve their queries.

Reconnection: The call centre software with the reconnection feature is well programmed to reconnect the call if any call gets disconnected in between. It happens most of the time that while an agent and customer discuss and talk, their call gets disconnected either due to congestion in a network or any machine reason then call centre software assists in reconnecting the call and take them back to their fruitful conversation.

Interactive Voice Responses (IVR): IVR is a new feature that makes the clients and customers feel personalized while they are in a queue of a call or they have a completed conversation with the agent. IVR system can generate the menu for prompt service, greeting messages, the messages for the customers when they wait in a queue and the Thank you message for calling and that too without human interaction.

Agent status: The call centre software can also offer the perks of knowing the agent status to its customers. When a customer calls for any service, the agent status can make them clear whether the regarding person is busy, on a call and when and which of their service provider will be available to receive calls. Many banks and telecommunication companies are effectively using call centre software for serving their customers.

3. Analytics Feature

Analytics feature of the software is helpful for the supervisors of the call centre team to review and check the performances of their teammates. The feature shows the metrics and charts (visual analytics) based on the agent’s performance including their clients, serving time, waiting time, service offering proficiency etc. This improves the productivity and interaction system of the businesses.  

4. CRM integration

To boost the customer services, the call centre software incorporates the CRM integration feature. It expands the functionality of the call centre service providing organization by allowing the integration o=with the third party apps that are used by the customers and company itself. This intensifies the customer relationships and increases the efficiency of the system with a more integrated format.

5. Notification and Voicemail :

As in general call when the person does not available to pick-up a call, he uses voicemail facility for his caller. Notifications and voicemail features are used for this purpose to make the clients and agents interacted even when aren’t available.

How to make money from the call centre software

A call centre software is of full worth not only in increasing the productivity and capacity of the company but also for earning money. Let’s see how?

1.Free & premium versions

Offer the free version of your CRM supporting call centre software. This helps in connecting more customers to you. Later on, you can add more advanced functional features incurring few charges to use it. Offering gated features for having more benefits can be chargeable to customers that help you in making money.

2.Special offers

Offering discounts and special offers will attract more customers to the software. The additional features at the discounted rate will connect more customers to your call centre software. Promote and earn option can also be helpful. Offer additional perks to the customers who promote your software making more customers connect with you.

3. Advertising and Promotion

Allow third party ads within your software and earn money from them. But here we want to suggest you that don’t stuff too many ads in your software because this irritates the customers and in the end, they might leave you.

4. Subscriptions Categories

You can make various subscription plans depending on the services your clients use. For example, basic plans may include local calls and SMS while premium plan can include out boundary calls.

Assets that a call centre software includes:

  1. No expensive hardware

  2. High Conversion rates

  3. Flexible operations

  4. Productivity

  5. Efficiency

Final Words

Since communication is an effective way to get connected with the clients and customers on a regular basis, a call centre software becomes the need for the organization. Managing calls in bulk and serving the customers quickly are the challenges in this competitive market. Thus using the software for serving the customers and assist them promptly helps in building the good customer relationship. Also, the software increases the capacity and productivity of the business as it requires less human power. The CRM software features the lower investment with higher profit.

If you are dealing with a large number of customers daily and assisting your customers with voice call is becoming hectic, you must integrate the call centre software. For the top-notch assistance to your customers, we at Hvantage Technologies build the call centre software with the most basic and advanced features. Speak up your requirements and we will serve you in the best manner.


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