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How To Use Customer Service For Bettering Your Ecommerce Store

Due to the lack of face to face contact, customer service might become a hassle for your E-Commerce site.  However, it becomes extremely important for your business to provide personal customer attention on a dynamic level in order to surpass the competition and improve online customer services.

Customer service plays a prime role in maximum purchases that one makes, especially when there are numerous options offering the same product at nearly same prices. What sets you apart in such a scenario is maybe how fast you deliver, or how comfortable you are with what you’re selling. Interestingly, these factors fall under customer service category and direct how important it is to sell customer services in place of just products.

Even if the pros of your online store outweigh the cons by far, inability to provide customer support is usually negative. You can, however, try implementing the following points and offer state-of-the-art customer services:

  • Take Feedbacks – Develop a forum for procuring feedbacks. It might not always be positive, but will surely be helpful. It is very important to know what your customers desire from you and what do they think about your business exactly.

  • Offer Options – Instead of going by the monotonous prevalent ways, try going an extra mile by providing your customers with opportunities to choose from. Give them live chats, skype support, toll-free contacts, call backs and such attractive features for engagement.

  • Be specific – Include as much information as possible on the orders. Try being to the point and explaining your motives as well as all conditions clearly so that no confusion arises.

  • Invest in your site – Make sure your website is designed properly and attractively. It is important to deliver something that appeals to the eyes and mind.

  • High-quality site search – Invest in high-quality site search for your site. This way you can avoid unnecessary hassles and will be able to keep your customers happy.

  • Offer free delivery – Everyone loves free delivery. Try providing your customers with feasible and free shipping. It might cost you something extra in the initial phases, but it goes a long way in impressing the customers and attracting more in fact.

  • Provide valuable follow-ups – Don’t send across promotional emails or feedback emails after your customer's shop. It’s better to provide offers, discounts, and vouchers instead of monotonous emails.

  • Offer surprise gifts and discounts – Who doesn’t love surprise gifts? Offer lucky gifts or surprises to your customers every now and then.

  • Remember them – Send across a discount voucher or gift to your regular customers on their special days. Make them feel that they matter to you

It’s important to remember that if you impress your customers and make them feel remembered, your site undoubtedly stands out. Let Hvantage help you through with that!

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