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Simulation Based Technological Solutions for Health Care

When the great UFC champion Conon McGregor get stuck in a rut and struggles with his forms, He simply closes his eyes and visualizes himself beating down his opponent. There's a strong mental dimension to performance and seeing yourself having success is a great motivational booster. It is therefore not surprising that virtual reality is an effective training tool. You no longer have to imagine yourself accomplishing a task. You can actually see it happening.

In healthcare sector, virtual reality technology is increasingly being used to teach medical students, train new staff members and rejuvenate current medical professionals on the skills of their fast transforming industry. As virtual training becomes more common in the routines of daily use, health facilities are discovering a number of benefits to the system over more traditional teaching methods.

Practice makes you perfect

Practices is necessary to achieve perfection for any skill. And few fields require a high level of focus as the medical field is quite vast and delicate in itself. While it is important for medical students to receive practical hands-on training in their field, sometimes it is quite tough to provide that real world experience in a way that doesn't endanger the lives of patients. Making mistakes is a crucial part of the learning process, but there is no room for errors when your work can make a difference in the life of someone.

Virtual reality offers the luxury of giving medical students and other learners in the health sector the opportunity to practice their skill sets in a hands-on realistic scenario without the stakes without risking the life of human beings. In this virtual environment, mistakes become learning tools that do not carry potentially life-threatening consequences. 

Be prepared for the unexpected 

Virtual reality training programs offer students ta chance to practice in uncommon scenarios. Doctors and other healthcare providers should be prepared for any situation, but it can be difficult at times when there are certain health complications or emergencies that don't arise very often but may arise at crucial junctures.  

For example, a leading healt magazine reported that that a tracheal insertion could only be practiced on a live patient at a high cost. But with the new virtual reality software, the procedure can be practiced virtually at a much lower cost. 

Hvantage Technologies is known to be a pioneer in simulation based technology solutions for healthcare training. Ranging from clinical simulation management software and hardware to counsellor education, Hvantage excels in providing state-of-the-art healthcare solutions to the customers while adhering to efficient case authoring and interactive computer-based training tools.

Benefits to Health Care

Virtual training has increased information retention rates, a leading daily reported. Participants retained 80 percent of the information from virtual training as compared to just 20 percent when learning through more traditional methods. It is more likely due to the fact that the participants created actual memories of performing the tasks.  

"The level of understanding through virtual reality is great because humans are primarily visual and virtual reality is a visual format. There are numerous opportunities where repetitive practice and skill set maintenance are critical for outcomes. Since there are not enough patients in many cases to maintain these skill sets, virtual reality is a real addition to the arsenal of medical training. Virtual reality may not only help medical professionals. It also has the potential to help patients learn more about their own care. By visualizing the situation, it sinks into their mind in a more visual way when they have actually experienced the procedure beforehand. Patients become more responsible towards their own healing and treatment by having a deeper understanding.

By helping patients to better understand their own healthcare, providers can increase patient engagement and consequently have better outcomes.




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