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What it takes to build the effective Healthcare Mobile Application

In the age of global pandemic, people have become more cautious towards their health and with the support of technology, they are taking every necessary step to protect themselves from severe infections. However, the integration of technology and health is not new, from the last few years the reliability of people on healthcare applications is increasing. But as the medical emergency introduced itself, the market of healthcare sectors has been increased by multiple folds.

Today when there is a physical distance between doctors and patients, the technology managed to gain the trust of patients and doctors by virtually reducing the physical distance. As per the reports, the healthcare application market will witness robust growth in the upcoming years and why not when the technology is efficient in providing readily available medical services and can keep a track of our medical reports. Even the government across many nations are urging to utilize digital tools to increase transparency and connect more people to safeguard the health of the nation by taking the treatment out of the four walls of the clinic.

Why are healthcare mobile applications important?
Healthcare applications make it easy for people to avail medical services anytime and anywhere in the world. It is a blessing for people who live in far remote areas. Right from booking an appointment to having a proper discussion with the doctor, the healthcare app has proved its worth. In addition, it plays a significant role in keeping people up to date concerning their health while creating awareness.

Healthcare applications market is continually creating opportunities for business while establishing the brand value of the business.

Following are the points that need to be taken into consideration for developing an effective healthcare application:

  • Know your target market - Now you might be wondering that only patients use healthcare applications so why to research about it? But it doesn't work out like that, today along with patients, a healthy person also utilizes a health app to track their health. Along with this, you might want to have an app for your workforce or the patients of your hospital/clinic only or for people who have any kind of specific disease. A software developer builds a mobile application by keeping the preference of users in the mind. Thus it is crucial to know that ultimately to whom you want to provide service with your healthcare applications.

  • Telemedicine feature - Telemedicine has changed the healthcare infrastructure by permitting doctors and patients to connect from anywhere across the world using technology as a mode of electronic communication. This feature is highly accepted by the people as now they don't have to wait in long queues or travel a long distance to meet the doctor. It is just like a regular appointment it can also be called a virtual visit. By incorporating this feature in the healthcare application the functionality of the app increases.

  • Symptoms checker - Naturally if a person is installing a health care application then he/she would prefer to have an application that will let him/her know what disease may happen to him by checking his/her symptoms. If the user is feeling unwell then he/she by utilizing this feature can figure out immediately about his/her health condition that will permit him/her to take safety measures quickly before the condition gets worse. By adding the feature of symptoms checker the usability of the application will increase.

  • Wearable device connection - Wearables devices have sensors that are very effective in tracking real-time information by syncing it with the health care application in your mobile. It monitors the movement of users, empowering them to have better control over their health. Many users agree that wearable devices make it easy to remain conscious of their health conditions. It creates a seamless connection between the user and the application.

  • Application Programming Interface (API) - APIs are used by the application developers to ensure the integrity of application with the latest features. APIs allow users to access cloud data and interaction with the external resources.  For healthcare applications, developers utilise "Doximity API" the leading medical API that enables users to connect with the doctors through the app. Whereas, "Human API" is used by doctors to manage their patients' medical reports or any other relevant data.

  • Secure authentication - With the advancement of technology, the risk of hacking has also been increasing rapidly. An application must have proper and accurate authentication features to assure users that their data will not leak. A user will not install your application until he/she isn't sure about his/her privacy. Developers and owners of the application must explain to users as to what type of data being collected and how they
    will be using it. A healthcare application not only contains the details of users but also their medical information. Therefore make sure that your app is secure.

  • Regular notification and reminders - The application must provide real-time notification to their users. It permits you to be in touch with the user without demanding their attention by providing relevant information while keeping them aware. Besides, reminders will help users to follow their medication schedule by reminding them about their pills. In today's world providing direct content and information to the user is necessary to keep them healthy. Thus make sure that your health care application has this feature.

  • Cloud integration - Cloud integration has established itself in every aspect of technology. It not only allows access to the users at any time from anywhere but also enables you to maintain electronic records of their medical reports and can track it on the cloud. It also facilitates smooth communication between the doctor and patient as with the cloud integration both get access to the information anytime they want as it decreases the data redundancy.

  • Compliance with the rules and regulations - Healthcare application is one of the most popular apps yet the application must comply with all the regulations issued under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure that the medical information of the patients is protected across the globe. By complying with the set of regulations you can win the trust of the users as well as it saves you from unnecessary legal processes.

  • Focus on the design of the application - The application should not be good in functionality but also in design. A good design mobile application keeps the user engaged for a long time while bestowing them with the best user interface. It is also beneficial for attracting relevant traffic. No matter how many excellent features are there in the application, if it is dull then the user will never want to spend his time on that app.

In the current prevailing condition, the demand for effective healthcare mobile applications has been increasing rapidly. Healthcare applications not only connect us with the doctors but also make it easy for us to keep our health in check.

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