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EHR with Blockchain is a new move in Healthcare System

The patient’s health record is important and personal for them, and therefore the healthcare ecosystem must have a potential to hold the records in a proper way so that in future for further diagnosis and treatment the doctors could check out the patient’s earlier health status.

The healthcare system is nowadays modernizing day by day with the latest technologies. Here the blockchain technology is making its way in collecting the patient’s record in a more secure way for a long time. The healthcare deals with the millions of records of the patients and gives rises to the handling struggles of the patient’s medical data.

EHR is a new move-

The healthcare system is now leveraging their patients with the piles of patient’s data with the help of Electronic Health Record (EHR). This EHR holds the patient’s records in a digital database form. This database can be accessed by the specialists and doctors and clinical staff with whom the patients will meet regarding their health.

How EHR will be helpful in healthcare?

EHR stores the patient’s health data. The EHR can store the record of the patient’s name, visit time and date, doctor, surgeon, prescription, tests, reports, diseases, medicines, recommended treatment along with the information about drug stores, allergies, payment transactions, and medical suppliers. These record can be accessible by everyone involved in the chain including doctors, medical owners who can easily get the prescriptions, medicine names which help them to serve their patients fast and with extra care by looking their previous treatment and reports.

Healthcare Benefits of Blockchain-

  • Personification in Health Wallet

The blockchain technology stores the data in ledgers which a patient can track anytime with its identity number. The patient’s records are distributed among all health departments and get controlled by the IT controllers. All the data gets stored in the health wallet of the patient and wherever and whenever needed, the data can be accessed for further diagnosis and treatment. With an advanced move, this health wallet can be integrated with wearable devices like Fitbit, watch and other health, and fitness devices.

  • Helps in Medical Research

Medical researches are based on the real data of the patients. For this, what else would be better than tracking the manual records? With the database, the data can be shared and stored in a more secure way and hassle-free.  Blockchain data offers a great help to the medical researchers for identifying the preventions, cure, and treatment of health issues.

  • Fills the void of distant Medical visits:

The modern technologies are filling the void of telecommunication where the patients need to visit the doctors physically. With blockchain ledgers, there is no geological border limit or constraint. A patient would not be remained without having a proper treatment just because of distance. The patient can get checked up by the best doctors and services in any corner of the world. A doctor sitting miles away can diagnose the disease and recommend the treatment based on the patient’s record stored in databases, shared by the IT healthcare ecosystem.

  • A help for Government in tracking the health records

Having a glance at the health records stored in the database could help the government in knowing the real facts about the health of the population of the region. The government can take preventive measures based on the ill-health facts of the patients. By visualizing the data records of different patients and sufferers, the government can make mob aware about the curable and non-curable, diseases. It also helps the government in achieving its medical goals in reduced time-interval but with proficiency.


Blockchain technology holds the record of every information, data, and figures as we do store in a register manually, but with aided accuracy and preciseness as all the information will be in digital form and processed through the automated software. So the lesser chances of mistakes in recording data. Moreover, the collaboration of AI with blockchain is giving accurate insights into the medical treatment.

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