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Basic but Important Features of an Ecommerce App

The businesses are adopting the mobile app development process to reach the wider audience as for now every 9 people out of 10 is having a smartphone in their hands. The ecommerce business is trending and has become favourite of most of the people. This popularity of the ecommerce business and online shopping craze of the mob has taken more retailers to put their foot forward in ecommerce and thus a competition has been rising day by day.

If you too are an ecommerce retailer and want to reach more people then developing a mobile app for your business becomes essential. Here you should be aware of the features that you are providing in your mobile app. The mobile app must be engaging, easy to access and leverage the users with every facility they want for a real-time experience.

So, we are listing out the engaging and important features of mobile apps

User Authentication

When users install your app, the very first step is to authorize the users. Therefore, a user authentication page is the must. At the same time, this page need not be tedious and complex to get the details of the users from them. At the developer end, this user authentication should be synchronized with client-server API for future reference when they do any purchase. The user authentication becomes more critical and essential in ecommerce sector as people share their financial information (their debit card, credit card number or bank details). Therefore, you should focus on user authentication feature in your mobile app.

Notification Settings

Sending push notifications to the users through mobile apps is essential but this might irritate the users when they get messages over the limit. Therefore, you too need to take balance and take command of the settings in your hand to keep your users with you for a long time. Every platform supports push notification services and you can use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android and Apple Push Notification (APN) Apple Push Notification for managing the notification settings within the app.

Product Catalogue

While featuring an ecommerce app, the product catalogue becomes important. You need to stuff the product catalogue for your products in ecommerce mobile app. The catalogue listing all the products and their details should be quick in loading else delay might irritate the users. The mobile app needs to be synchronized with the database and update its information so that whenever there comes any change in the price or specification, a user can know it. Also, be specific in categorizing the product listing.

Payment Method Options

Your mobile app must support every famous gateway for payment so that no user can leave their purchase just because of non-supportive payment method or any option they find inconvenient. The app should support all type of debit cards viz, Visa or Mastercard, credit card and even cash on delivery. A survey has revealed the human nature of Asian people that they prefer cash on delivery option that is to pay after the delivery. Therefore, while building an ecommerce app you should consider this option too to make your users accustomed with your app. Don’t disappoint any user else they may leave in between.

Purchase Tracking Feature

When a user makes any purchase, he wants to know every possible information from clicking at product purchase button to order dispatched to their home. They want to know more about when the order will get dispatched from the warehouse, when it will reach the customer’s home, transportation mode, delivery boy information, tentative date and time for receiving their order and every update related to their purchase. Therefore, the mobile app should be featured with purchase tracking information. You can leverage them with SMS feature and send them the order tracking link.

Shopping cart

While shopping, customers may like many items and prefer to click a buy button in the last rather processing every purchase individually. To keep their choices in one place, the mobile app should consist of the shopping cart. The shopping cart makes the purchasing easy and hassle-free and allows them to check out  the order only at once even they will be having bulk products to purchase.

Customer support

Providing the complete customer support is very critical and how do you assist your customers decides the future and success of your app. Allowing your customers to reach you through chatbot, email, phone and SMS is recommended. For better assistance, you can leverage them with a callback from your customer executive and solve their query. Proper customer support is very essential in ecommerce business.


The above-mentioned features will make an ecommerce app more usable and help in engaging the users in it. Any misguided step can take the user to uninstall an app without thinking even for a single minute. Ecommerce business is flourishing all over, therefore, building an ecommerce app will be profitable for you.

Your mobile app development team should be aware of every basic feature that makes the mobile app popular among the users. Hvantage Technologies has the professionals and skilled mobile app developers who understand the importance of every feature and build the mobile app efficiently.

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