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8 Key Features of a Laundry App

As the technology is growing day by day, the human tasks are becoming easier to perform. The on-demand mobile apps are solving every requirement and every service are now getting completed with the few clicks on the smartphones. Thanks to mobile app development services. With the mobile apps, the businesses are earning money and reaching the customers in a wider way. Here the mobile apps play an important role. Thus engaging and easily accessible mobile apps become must for every type of business and especially for those who fulfil the on-time demands of the customers.

You must have heard about the on-demand food delivery app that can take your order and bring at your doorstep directly or a taxi-booking app that picks up your from your location and drops to the place where you want to go, just with the few clicks on the app. In the series of on-demand mobile apps, a laundry app is now becoming more popular among the users.

We have bid a goodbye to the washermen coming weekly or twice in a week to our homes for collecting clothes and then returning after washing and ironing. The days are gone for waiting for them to come to pick up your clothes to get them clean. Now the service will be at your home when you demand it. Within a few clicks on your smartphones, you can ask for the laundry services and the laundrymen will reach you and serve you.

Must Have Key Features of a Laundry App-

From whoever you are getting a laundry app developed, you need to build the following 8 essential features within the app though simple but essential.

  1. Login Page: The page where the user can register himself for utilizing the laundry services. The page should be simple and should not ask more details rather only vital details like name, mobile number and address from where to pick and deliver the clothes.

  2. Order Tracking with GPS: Every on-demand services use the location finding feature as the services are needed to be delivered to their required area. So, you too are recommended to add GPS feature to your mobile app and allow the users to track their services. With the order status, the users can know when the clothes will be picked, when it will get delivered to them.

  3. Automatic reminder: As in general, people use the laundry services either on a weekend or in the fortnight for which they may set a reminder. If your app will allow them to set a reminder and schedule for rendering laundry services, it will be helpful to them. Despite a busy schedule, the automatic reminder will alert them every weekend to take out the clothes for laundry. They need not face the lack of clean and ironed clothes in the upcoming weeks, the clothes will get picked and served to them timely.

  4. Services Menu: The mobile app must give the details about every service the laundry service provider offers. Some people may want the complete service, right from washing clothes to folding and ironing, while some people may require the dry-cleaning service. The mobile app must display every service provided by the laundrymen so that the customers can pick the one they require.

  5. Service Charge: The users should know the budget of the services they are going to pick so that they can make up their mind to pick one of them. For example, the charges for washing of woollen clothes will be different from the silk clothes while the regular clothes will be cheaper for services. Be clear in specifying that any extra stain or color will be charged extra. This will give a clearer idea to the customers to pick the services.

  6. Offers and Discounts: The most common but most effective feature for every business is to offer discounts and money-saving deals. A technique that works as a magnet to attract the users towards your services. You can offer the discounts on their first service or coupons for rendering the next services through your mobile app. Also, you can include referral codes and ask the users to refer and earn money through your mobile app. The free washing on the specific limit of clothes ( like if you will give 10 clothes to wash, 11th will be free) or offer reduced charges to the existing customers.

  7. User acceptable Payment Mode: Most of the time it is seen that users cancel the service just because they do not find the proper payment mode in which they feel convenient. Since for every business, the ultimate goal is to serve customers satisfactorily and conveniently. Therefore along with the laundry services, you must leverage your users with the payment mode they find comfortable. Make your mobile app compatible to take payment through credit card, debit card, online wallet, internet banking or also Cash on delivery. Add trust to the user’s belief that you are there for serving them no matter what they choose. It will help you in becoming their favorite service provider.

  8. More about You: The mobile app should also contain the page where the users can know more about their service provider like you. The page should contain the details about the types of services you are offering, the way you serve. To attract them, keep the content engaging, easy to understand and the lines that show that you are eager to serve them with the best quality services.


Believing in the facts, around 7.98 million US dollars had generated as revenue for laundry services in the year 2016 and in the next four years i.e. by 2020 it would reach around 8.90 million US dollars. Therefore going with the laundry app for the mobiles will be a wise decision for your business. If you want to serve the customers in a long way, then, get ready for the mobile app development and start earning your profit.

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