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Build Fitness and HealthCare App for Health Conscious People

Nowadays people are becoming more aware of their health than the people in earlier days. The change in lifestyle has brought many changes in the habits of people and so to the requirements. Technology has given a new turn to the lifestyle of people and they are now adopting the technical measures to stay fit and fine. People do not only now rely on the home remedies but also reaping the benefits of the Internet and smartphones. Here comes the role of healthcare mobile apps. From 2014, fitness healthcare industry has taken a leap and become popular among the people.

The popularity of fitness and health applications will lead its revenue to reach $620 million by this year and would reach $880 million in the upcoming three years. This gives the opportunities to the various mobile app development company. If you too own a mobile app development business, healthcare and fitness applications would be a right choice.

Building the modern healthcare apps compatible with iOS and Android platform is surely advantageous but it’s not an easy task. While building the mobile app for fitness, you also need to be fit with the proficient mobile app developers as well with the technology to incorporate every feature within the healthcare mobile apps.

Trending health and fitness mobile apps

There are many health apps that people install on their smartphones to take care of their health and to stay fit. From a tracker to record their steps while walking to their running speed or cycling, there are fitness mobile apps available for the users. Workout App, Running App, Nutrition and Calorie Counting App that allows its users to count every step of their moving, jogging and even they can count the calorie intake of the nutrition and food with these healthcare apps.

List of Features of a successful fitness and health App

We are listing the important and modern features to make your product impressive for the users and profitable for your business. Build healthcare app with the realistic features and get more downloading clicks.

  1. Registration for uploading user bio: The user installs the health app for analysing his/her health activities and want to improve the health. Therefore, within your health and fitness app, you need to create a registration page where the users can feed their details of health habits. Based on the age, gender and other health habits, the mobile app can will send the notifications and health advice suiting to their health.

  2. Health Progress Tracking feature: The health app should consist of the tracking feature that regularly keeps the record of the health activities. This helps the users to know where they need improvements.

  3. Health Advice, Tips & Notifications: This is an important feature that a mobile app must have. Not only a health mobile app but also other apps like education app, logistics app etc. must have the notifications and message sending feature in it. Since health is a sensitive issue, therefore, you must be careful in feeding the right advice and health tips that a mobile app will send to your users.

  4. Integrated with Social Media: Today’s mob is actively participating in every health challenges to keep them fit. Also, you can find them active on every social media sharing about their healthcare, craziness or new resolutions among their friends. At this moment, if your health app would not connect them to their social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. they won’t going to use your app. Therefore, you must build the health app compatible with every social media platform to keep your users active every time.

  5. Integrate your health app with the wearable devices: Pacing with the advanced technology, wearable devices is a new step. Earlier, while developing the mobile app, the developers were used to make the mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS but nowadays they are challenged to build the mobile app compatible with the wearable devices too. Building the mobile apps compatible with wearable devices extends the possibilities of more usage.


Along with these features, including GPS, customization feature and easy access to your mobile app will make your app more popular among the users. The effective and attractive UX design is important that can keep the users engaged with your health app.  

When you have set your mind to build the healthcare apps for dealing with the health-conscious users, you should be selective in hiring the right mobile app developers and development company who can efficiently fit the effective features within the mobile app.

Hvantage Technologies has served many clients with our healthcare app development services and still working to serve many others. To serve the customers with an ease and comforting experience of fitness services, Hvantage efficiently provides and assures the best healthcare mobile app solutions.

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