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Tips while Building the Logistic App for Your Business

The smartphones laced with the latest mobile apps have revolutionized the businesses nowadays. The mobile solutions are offering the portability and flexibility in handling the business operations resulting in higher productivity and ROI. All the businesses have almost adopted mobile apps solutions to chase the business competition. In this series, the logistics businesses are also moving towards the mobile apps to ease their tasks and operations and also to provide better and faster services to their customers.

The logistics apps allow the logistic service providers to track shipments, order processing, inventory management, transactions and real-time connection with suppliers and customers. The mobile apps also help the providers to recognize the market trends and customer’s demands. With this said, it makes an urge to develop the logistics mobile apps to reap more benefits from the business. But before actually diving into the app development you should speculate the budget and goals of the logistic app development for your business. Here, you already know that mobile app development is a fathom process that requires wide market research.

Here we are representing the important facts and figures associated with the logistics market which would help you to figure out why and what do you need the logistics app development.

Characteristics of logistic mobile app

The features and characteristics hold the ultimate importance of the app development and its success.  In the app development process, the features always impact on the budget. Adding complex and more functionality to the app results in the ultimate increase of the cost of the development On the other hand, more functionality drives more customers towards the app. Therefore you need to make a balance between the budget and the functionality of the app.

Here we are listing the important features that you must include in your logistic app to make it good for its users:

  • User Profile

  • Sign in/Sign up page

  • Notification

  • Location tracking

  • Customer history

  • Booking management

  • Payment and Billing

  • Shipment tracking

  • Receipt Automation

  • Estimation of fare charges

  • Vehicle selection

Cost of Logistic mobile app development

The logistic mobile app development cost depends on the platform you select, the designing and functionality you want to include in your mobile app. Let’s estimate the cost of the logistic app development.

Platform for Mobile App: It is more often seen that people easily make the decision of mobile app development but they get stuck on choosing the platform for it. The platform should be chosen depending upon the technical requirements of the business to meet the goals. Whether to select Android or iOS also depend on the cost of app development as well as your budget.

Android App development

For developing an Android app, the cost of development may vary from $25,000 to $150,000 depending upon the type of app. If your business requires elementary app then the app development may cost you between $25,000 to $35,000 while standard apps may fit in the budget between $45,000 to $55,000. In the same series, the complex app development has the higher cost of development that may range from $55,000 to $100,000 and lastly, if you have decided to build the high-tech apps for your business then it may cost higher as $75,000 to $150,000. These all are estimated prices.


Similarly, if you have decided to build the app on the iOS platform then have a glance at the cost of development. For simple apps like table-based apps, the estimated cost will be $1,000 to $4,000 while database apps can be developed in the budget of $8,000 to $50,000 and Gaming app can cost you in between $10,000 to $250,000.


Designing of the mobile app plays an important role to attract and stick the customers to the mobile app. The designing process of the logistic app incorporates the frontend and backend development with the user customization features. The UI design, data synchronization, data cache, data integration are the process of mobile app designing that add to the cost of mobile app development. The proper designing of the apps can include more app developers rather a single developer that can cost you more. If you have decided to build the medium sized app with simple designing features then you can complete your work with 1-2 developers in approximately 90 hours. But for large size apps, 4-5 developers are required that can complete the development within 370 hours (approx). As the number of developers increases, the cost also increases.


Functionality is another factor that contributes to the cost and time of the development. The functionality adds the entertainment features and more user engagement services that attract more users to the mobile app. More features and convenience to access to your mobile app for accessing the logistic services would surely add more users but also contribute to the cost of the development. Therefore, you should be wise in selecting and incorporating the important and usable features into your logistic app.  

Here we are listing some basic and additional functionalities that you should add to your logistic app to serve your clients and customers in a better way. Estimate your budget with these essential functionalities.

  • Booking

  • Delivery

  • Delivery Status

  • Admin Panel

  • Push notification

  • Payment Gateway

Though we have listed the features at the starting yet the above features are essentially important. Also, keep in mind that the functionalities and features that you want to include affect your cost of the mobile app development and the time required to complete the project.

Technologies that will help you are:

  1. MongoDB, Cassandra, Mailchimp, Postgres are used for database integration.

  2. AWS, Azure, Google can be used for introducing cloud environment into your logistic app.

  3. For real-time analysis and service of the logistic app, BigData, Spark, Hadoop, Cisco, IBM services can be utilized.

  4. For phone verification and push notifications, use, Twilio, Nexmo.


The logistic app development cost varies from one marketplace to another, therefore, an exact cost cannot be estimated. But the above-mentioned tips will help you in setting your budget depending on the platform and characteristics you want to include into your app.  You already know that mobile app holds the large space in today’s consumer’s life, therefore, reaching them through the mobile apps is the best way. It will help in gaining more customers to your business.

Hvantage Technologies has served many clients with our logistic app development services and still working to serve many others.To serve the customers with an ease and comforting experience of logistic services, Hvantage efficiently provides and assures the best transportation and logistics solutions.

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