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Why do you need Mobile Friendly Website?

Day by day, with every moment, the Internet users are growing and these users nowadays access the Internet more through smartphones than the desktops or laptops. The statistics show that the mobile users have been growing by 58% by every year and 80% of them are smartphone users. These all have influenced the online businesses strongly. Here, the websites play an important and crucial part and more importantly the mobile responsive website has become the need of today’s online businesses.

If yet you are working with the older versions of the website and thinking that your website for desktops is enough to have more customers then read further to know the need and importance of a mobile-friendly website for any business.

  1. Mobile contributes more to drive traffic: With the invention of smartphones, the mobile users with 51% are more than desktop users which are only 42%. If we go in deep, we can figure out that among the trillions and millions of searches on Google, most of the searches and more specifically half of searches are being done through smartphones and mobile devices rather desktops. So, if a person searches your business website but doesn’t get its access to his smartphone, he will definitely switch to another. At the end of the day, you and your business would lose your potential customers that could be turned into your confirmed buyer. To add more, you are going to lose sales and traffic from your business. Thus, to attract and stick more customers to your website, you need to optimize your website that a mobile user can access it.

  2. Customers Love Persona in User Experience: To satisfy today’s users who love creativity and uniqueness, building a mobile-friendly website is not sufficient. The mobile users love more personification and an optimized user experience while they access the website. While making online bookings, buying any item online or for making the payment through the gateway, they like the hassle free and fast navigation on their smartphones itself as smartphones are easy in handling than laptops or desktops. It is more often seen some businesses do not support the payment gateway on the mobile screens and ask to open the website on the desktops. This irritates and repels the customers. The website must be great in displaying the results to their smartphones and quick in loading pages. More friendly a user would feel with your website, more are the chances to have a crowd of customers.

  3. Helps in staying ahead in competition: We aren’t recommending you to update your website just for mobile users but also for your competitors. In the market, to be loved by users is one thing and to stay ahead in competition is another. In this cutting-edge technology, if your competitor is updated with the latest technologies, customers are going to stick to them. Here you need to update yourself with the latest technologies to stand ahead of your competitors. When you would build your website with the newer technologies that adding ease and better user experience to your website navigation, it attracts more customers to you than your competitors. Clutch, a review firm has revealed in its survey that among the all available websites, only 56% websites are responsive to mobiles thus giving you an opportunity to stand at a better place than your competitors. With a mobile-friendly website, let more customers visit you.

How can you drive more traffic?

  • Use Social Media: Since Internet has influenced the lives of people in a way no one has ever thought of. If you want to reach your customers or visitors, you should reach the place where they are. With the convenience and ease of the Internet access, people are enjoying the social media platforms and make their presence everywhere. Therefore, you too can reach them through the various social media platforms like the giant Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and list is long.

  • Social media Marketing: With Social Media Marketing(SMM), you can actively post content about your business on every platform to attract your customers. Also, Social media helps in advertising, conducting the survey and maintaining the customer-buyer relationship. But for all, you need the mobile responsive website so that every user can connect to your website even through their smartphones.

  • Use SEO power in your business: To rank high on the search pages, your website must be SEO friendly. Google and other search engines constantly optimize the website depending on their visibility and how much a user access the website. Therefore to make your website more discoverable and easily visible, you need to work with the strong SEO strategy.


The mobile responsive website drives more traffic towards the businesses and therefore if you too are dealing with the customers of this smartphone era, you need to transform your business through some important website hacks discussed above. SEO and SMM are also important for online businesses with the effective and mobile-friendly websites. Even if you don’t believe in changing your website to the mobile responsive website, it might let you behind your competitors.

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