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Googles Strategy to Rank Content on the Search Engines

Everyone who posts any content on the search engine always seeks for the higher rankings. The content publishers always feel gladdening when they find their content among the top 10 Google search results. But the question is- how does Google decide the position of the content on the search page. Does Google have an algorithm or a specific formula for the content evaluation or website URL or even its respective links ranking?

Everyone who is engaged in content and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is familiar with the traditional fashion of ranking improvisation. This includes creating a content stuffed with right keywords, constructing enticing titles and inspiring people to get connected to your content. But these traditional ways are not sufficient to have better rankings on the search pages. There are many advanced SEO techniques also but Google has its own plans and ways. It does not depend on the webmasters or publishers to rank rather it is adding crowdsource to its ranking algorithm.

In a spinoff, the people’s reaction towards your content matters equally as posting the optimized and good quality content. Google’s ranking is based on the visitor’s behaviour and reaction towards your published content.

Here are a few  secret facts about Google’s way of ranking:  

1. Click-through rate:

No. of clicks your link is getting results in higher click-through rate that contributes to a higher position on the search engine result pages. However, the link does not get set forever on the page. The Google evaluates the click-through rate of every link and shuffles their positions according to the higher and lower rate. The link that gets higher clicks get the priority and it replaces the links of the higher position. Google’s evaluation is continuous and it keeps on interchanging the positions of links.

2. Amount of Traffic on your website

While deciding the ranking of any website, Google also considers the amount of traffic the website is driving. Here you might be in a confusion that without the higher search rankings, how the website can attract more traffic to them? You are right but the answer is from other sources and platforms. Google inspires the website owners like you to use other sources to reach your visitors. Advertising the links on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and much more can help you to drive traffic to your website. More will be traffic higher will the search engine ranking of your website.

3. Visibility time on your website

The amount of time any user invests on your website contributes to the Google ranking. When the visitor leaves you immediately post reaching through Google, it indicates that your website does not hold the content and information that the user is searching. On contrary, when the user resides for a long time on your website, Google takes it as helpful for the user and therefore can interchange your position with the top links that might be not helping the users in their search. So, always keep your website with the relevant and good quality content. Google calculates the visibility time of user at every website.  

4. A Search Task Accomplishment factor

It is a Google task for helping the users in their search. When the user clicks on any link, then, Google minds whether the user finds the link and informational content associated with it as relevant and task is accomplished or not? If the user gets back to the Google page and clicks on another website then it signals that task is left unfinished. This leaves the negative impact of your website on Google. Obviously, Google will take into consideration while deciding the ranking of your link on the search engines.

5. Bounce rate

When a customer visits your website through a link they found on any Google’s page or from anywhere but leaves you immediately on reaching your page results in bounce rate. Google thinks that your site is not problem-solving or not for the purpose of the user. Then your website might be shifted at lower positions.

A point to note here is bounce rate does not mean that user from your link without exploring it more switches to another website in search of results rather if a user from your website comes back to the Google page. Higher bounce rate indicates Google that your link does not contain the suitable and helpful content for the users. Then, you already know next step of Google?


Google considers all the factors while evaluating the ranking of any link on the search engines. Therefore you should work with the high-quality proper content so that user finds no reason to leave you. All the above-mentioned factors are important and you should implement your strategy to get the higher rankings on the Google search engines. The effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy is also essential here.

We at Hvantage Technologies understands the Google’s algorithm for search engine rankings and therefore work with the proper SEO strategy for our clients to get their sites at the higher positions at the search engine results.

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