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Points to Keep in Mind While Launching a Mobile App

The app launching process can be one task but the tech experts take it as the continual process of important junctures, where the launchers constantly work to give a curve for improving it. App makers are always instructed to make the adaptable and flexible apps to meet the compatibility changes. The mobile app launching in the app stores is an important and crucial step. While publishing your mobile app in the app stores, you must be careful but more often the app launchers come with the silly mistakes that cost them a negative effect in this environment of cutthroat competition. Here we will devise some strategies for mobile app launching and also know the points that strictly need to be avoided.

There are effective keys to launch a mobile app. Here they are:

  • Portray a strategy post-launch: The technical team alertly works to launch the app. Once launched, you should work with an eagle eye on various factors to improve the performance of the app consistently. You need to make a strategy for post launching that should work on following concerns:
  • Marketing: The marketing process is essential for promoting your brand and app among the audience. If you have no audience then no need to make any services. Thus focussing on the right audience is important and therefore a right marketing strategy is essential. Marketing can be through words of mouth, Social Media Marketing (SMM), content marketing or even any type of advertisement and promotion about your brand in front of users.

Here are few ways of marketing:

  1. Marketing Campaigns: Marketing the app is essential to make it recognized among the audience. Marketing and advertising the app when the app development is in progress give the chances to customers to know about your product and if they find it useful, interesting and laced with unique features then they excitedly wait for the result with the complete app. Research the market and prevailing trends and make your marketing strategy for post launching an app.

  2. Content marketing: Content marketing is another feature you need to consider while marketing your product. The content is king and a powerful tool that binds the audience. Right, relevant and keyword stuffed content works as a magnet to attract the customers. A bonus here is- Content marketing is economical than other marketing processes. The effective, enticing and usable readable content results in driving more traffic and downloads towards your brand.

  3. Social Media Marketing(SMM): The best way to reach your customers is to go where they are. Nowadays the users are more active on various social media platforms. Every platform like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest etc. has millions of users. Here social media marketing has emerged as a helping hand for you to meet with potential users. Create your market campaign, advertisements and promotional posts through social media accounts. Make social group and communities of the users and discuss with them about your app, their experience and ask for the suggestions and improvements they want to see in your app.

  • ASAP work on the feedback: THe world where there is a gamut of options for the users and a tough competition among the service providers, you have to stand ahead of everyone. The users want the personified experience and the service providers are treating them as special. This makes the customers stick with such service providers. Thus you too need to work dedicatedly for your users. Make them special, listen to them, act upon their suggestions, comments and feedback. If a customer sends you any negative review or comment, talk with them, discuss the problem and come with the issue resolving the solution. This makes the customers think you as the trusted service provider. It helps in sticking them to you for a long time.

  • Regularly work with Performance measurement Metrics: There exist various performances measuring software and tools in the market. For the accurate results, you should pick the right one that is best suited to your app and your business strategy. You must identify the performance check as average revenue per user (ARPU), average session length, and average app launches per user as needed for your business and then select the KPIs for your app.  

Don’t while launching an app:

  1. Don’t be impatient: Initially, every business requires some time to gain customers and their belief. So you too must have patience. Neither overreact to the working and improvements nor neglect them completely for making changes in the app. Let the customers experience your app. Allow some time to accept them otherwise add the modifying improvements to your mobile app.

  2. Do not invest a lot initially: It is always a wise decision to invest economically. Rather going with the complete developed mobile app, you can work with the rapid app prototype and know the insights of the users. Get the points where you need to improve and fix the bugs. Investing into pieces will be economical as overspending on complete setup will be avoided.  

  3. Don’t underestimate the review metrics: Once you launched the mobile app in the stores, keep on analysing its review metrics. Make it a habit of reviewing in the specific time period as within 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. Here a monthly analysis is recommended. Post the analysis, fix the issues, work on increasing the user retention rates.


Since the mobile apps have become the useful and unreplaceable part of today’s lives, therefore, their launching process hold the importance in the business. The launching of a mobile app is a crucial step and needs a close consideration of various factors to meet its goals. Implement the above dos and don’ts into your strategy and work with the best quality of service for your customers.

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