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How to Increase User Retention Rate

It would be good to have more download clicks on your mobile app but if these downloading clicks are converting into the abandonment then you must work on the user retention. The success of the mobile apps is measured by how many active users it has rather by the download clicks. If the user does not find the mobile app engaging and matching their needs, he/she immediately click on uninstall option. This increases the abandonment rate and affects the success of the mobile apps.

Why mobile app abandonment rate increases?

There may be various reasons for people leaving your mobile app and switching to another. Here are few:

  1. Poor app engagement

  2. Poor Design

  3. Complex in use

  4. Poor user experience, etc.

This creates the need to improve the retention rate and customer engagement.

Let’s focus on some retention improving tips:

  1. Let On-boarding be an easy process: First impression is the last impression. Therefore, how do you represent your app to the customer matters most. With easy and fast sign up steps and spotting unique features of app engage customers more than representing it with more boring stuff and hectic registration process.

  2. Use Push Notifications: It is often noticed that if the customers receive a push notification for any app or service, there are 88% chances that they will retain to the corresponding app or service while who don’t receive any update for the mobile app or service, they can leave you anytime. With the engaging, meaningful and customizable message, the push notifications help in retaining the customer. For you, one thing to note here is to send the push notifications as per the user preferences which give the user a reason to stick on your mobile app.

  3. Personification in Interaction through App: To engage customers with your app, it is always recommended to send them the relevant content as they want from your app. The interaction would be successful when customers would find it relevant and then access your mobile app. The mobile app developers are therefore suggested to build the apps that can access user’s data so that user preferences can be known. More personified messages restrict the abandonment rate.

  4. Drive User Engagement through Rewards: It is but obvious that everyone loves to have appraisal and rewards. Similarly, the mobile app users get overwhelmed with happiness when they get rewards just for using it as their regular habit or for referring it to their friends. To drive more customers and to retain the existing customers, you can encourage the users by offering incentives if they retain and enjoy with you for a long time and also refer your mobile app to others. The engaging offers, coupons, gift vouchers etc. add to the user retention rate and reduce abandonment rate.

  5. With Mobile App Downloading Link (Deep Linking): When a user finds your app engaging and satisfying, there are more chances that he/she might recommend this app to friends and relatives and when you offer rewards on referring as discussed in point 4, the chances of recommendation are high. Inviting others through the sharing link (URL) that redirects the user to the specific downloading page come in deep linking. Deep linking enhances the user engagement and saves the time of searching. Google, Apple etc. also follow deep linking technique to engage and attract more customers towards them.  

  6. Gear-up your services: Everything is changing at a faster rate, whether it is a technology or user’s choice. Therefore you need to ride at a faster pace too. The users prefer the quick delivery while shopping or even booking their international tickets. So they do prefer instant access and speed in the mobile apps too. The app users want a fast and instant access with negligible loading and processing time. Therefore you must work on the back-end support of your mobile app. This retains more customers to your mobile app with lower abandonment rate as users always demand speedy performance.   

  7. Regular working on Feedback: Obviously, nothing can be perfect and not even at the first attempt. Similarly, your mobile app might lack some features that the users want. Therefore, you must ask your users to leave the feedback. Also, when you get some negative feedback from the users, you should deal with the users positively and should work on your mobile apps to facilitate the user.

  8. Regular update is a key to engaging customers: Users always love surprises. Work on the customization of your app themes, features and look so that users can feel creativeness and uniqueness in the app. This binds the users for a long time else the same and repeated features make the user’s experience boring. This can result in your app abandonment. Therefore, keep on updating the mobile app, work on the customization and enhance the user’s experience. With the required changes, the mobile apps must be updated within the regular interval. Believe us, with the regular update and enticing features, users are not gonna to leave you. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. know the key how to attract the users and therefore they keep on updating themselves time to time.  

The above-mentioned tips give the benefit of:

  • Improving user experience

  • Customer satisfaction

  • High customer retention

  • High customer LTV (lifetime value)

  • Mitigating abandonment rate


Nowadays the user retention has become tougher day by day. Therefore to stand in the mobile app environment where there is already a myriad of mobile apps available, you need to look different. With the unique features and latest technologies, there is a need of working on the mobile app retention strategy too.


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