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Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates


The online shopping trend is increasing day by day. People nowadays prefer online shopping more than offline shopping from bricks and mortar stores. The United States people contribute about 69% of internet shopping. This makes the website or online stores as the essential elements for the online businesses. To be successful in e-commerce business you need to have more visitors with the potential of converting into customers. It is often observed that the conversion rates of the e-commerce stores are low in the range of 1-5%. Many online retailers struggle to reach the higher conversion rates. They say that their stores have the traffic but this traffic does not get totally converted into the potential customers who make the confirmed buying decisions. So, they are looking for the techniques to increase the conversion rates. If you are one of them then this guide is for you only. We are here thus presenting the keypoints for improving the conversion rates.

  1. Customize the call-to-action process: For the online shopping, the customers need to take troubles to go through the tiresome process to finalize their order. This can make the customers leave in between. Therefore you should create the easy call-to-action button from signing up to entering their credit/debit card details. It is often found that the online retailers whose ordering and purchase processes are lengthy (click next, next etc.) then 30% of customers leave it. Also, use the words on the click button as checkout, review, finish instead of next and continue. There are around 70% of desktop users so you should also take care of their access to your store. With the ease in the buying process, there occurs around 8% conversion rates and sales.

  2. Alert the visitors by sending a reminder of Abandoned shopping cart: Most of the time the customers look for the products, find it relatable to their search and affordable too yet they put it into their shopping cart. Around 69.52% shopping carts get abandoned online. Here the natural thinking of customers might be that they once visit other websites and stores too if they find anything better else they could get back to their relevant item of your store so they click add to cart rather click to buy. Thus here you can alert the customers by sending a reminder message through their emails and personal SMS. You can schedule an alert message within the specific time-interval of the cart abandonment. This strategy of sending shopping cart recovery emails has been applied by many retailers and they find it helpful in reducing the cart abandonment rate and increasing the recovery rate by 7.9% of sales that might have been lost.  You can schedule to send an alert mail within 24 hours then another after three days if the customers don’t take any action of purchase and final reminder shopping cart abandonment recovery email after five days of their abandonment decision. This would help in gaining back your customers. A good thing to know is-this approach has resulted in 26% conversion rates from online cart abandonment.

  3. Free shipping or less shipping charges: It is quite obvious that when customers search for any product they look at the price tag. Once they find the price affordable they further proceed to check the shipping charges associated with it. If the shipping charges are high then there are more chances that they would abandon their purchase decision. This repels the customers from your store and they may switch to another where they find all the charges (product’s price + shipping charge) in their budget. Thus you must offer a free or an affordable deal to the customers. With the profitable margin, you should decide the lesser shipping charges or free shipping on purchase with a certain price limit. This can help in converting the visitors into buyers.

  4. PPC campaigns offer and your website images should be same: Obviously, for attracting more customers, you would have invested in PPC ad campaigns. These campaign offers (discount offer, additional services etc.) and PPC ads drive more customers to your eCommerce Store or website. So you must synchronize the ads pics and content with your website. By clicking on your ads the customers get redirected to your website or store and if they don’t find the same offers and images as they were in advertisement then they feel distrust factor and can leave you immediately. Thus always make a web copy same as your PPC ads to have more confirmed purchasing decisions.

  5. Deals and Promotion page: To attract more customers the ecommerce store owners provide many enticing offers, cashback, discounts and promo code option to customers. To find the promo code the customers leave the cart and look for the availability of the codes. At any moment they find that code is not working then they might leave the purchasing process and even switch to your competitor in search of a profitable deal. So it is often suggested to the ecommerce store owner that they should provide the offers and promo code deals at their promotion page itself and direct approach for the code so that there will be no chance for the customers to leave you for any reason.  Also, if you are not promoting the promo code purchase then you should make it clear that the prices you are offering are the best, affordable and worth for your products and services than your competitor’s pricing.

  6. Amalgamate with relevant content: You can see the downfall of your ecommerce store if you are not getting the targeted audience for your online shop. You need to make it clear for which category of audience your services and products are. Driving more traffic to your store might not be helpful if the audience is not right for your products. This will increase the bounce rate as customers would visit you and then leave you because your products and services are not for them. For instance, if you have clothes store and if any student visits your store for searching books and pens then he/she would definitely leave you. Content always works as the powerful tool in attracting the customers. So you must combine the relevant and clearly specified content for your offerings to let the right customers approaching you and make the buying decisions. The good content also helps in the visibility of the Google’s searching results.   

  7. Customer’s reviews are important: You are surely working as an established company owner but this tag is not sufficient for your customers. Customers whenever search any product or company they definitely see the reviews and feedback about you and your products. Thus to have more sales and more conversion rates of visitors to customers you can include the positive reviews and feedbacks of the customers who have already bought from you. Many online platforms like Amazon optimize their searching page according to the best seller and reviews obtained. Even if you have received any negative review from any customer then you should make your approach to sorting it out. This builds a trust for you and customers can rely on you for your services. This helps in more sales as customers believe in other customers satisfaction. You won’t believe-including reviews on the product page helps in gaining 58% conversion rates.  

  8. Make happy Customers popular: When your existing customers are happy with you they share their good purchasing experience through review rating and feedback. You can utilize them as your brand ambassador. Make a list of happy customers and if possible you can add their photos to your review section of your product page. Seeing photos of other customers excites the visitors that they can also be popularized with you. This attracts more customers and creates a trust factor for you which gain help in retaining the visitors and converting them into potential customers.

  9. Reduce the site loading time: Every customer wants the quick results for their search. If your site or product page of your store takes more time(more than a minute) to get opened, it breaks the customer’s patience. It irritates the customer to wait to see the results and this makes them leave. The page and site delay causes around 50% downfall in conversion rates. More delay in loading your page, lesser will be conversion rates. Therefore you must regularly work on improving the site and server load if you want to retain the customers on your site.

  10. Simplicity is always appreciated: Customization and unique appearance always attract more customers. But this doesn’t mean to make your store page cluttered. Customers prefer simplicity in the call-to-action process and even in look. The only thing customers expect is the specific and complete information about the products they are looking for. Unnecessarily sign up section, contact information and redirecting links can irritate them and they might be distracted from the actual product which makes them leave you as a better option. If you too have many unnecessary buttons then delete them and see how customers quickly make their confirmed buying decisions easily. Be simple, keep simple-both the product page as well as the purchasing process.


If you are having lesser conversion rates than the bounce rate, you need to improvise the site and ecommerce store page. Analyze the site load, work with the content and easy purchasing process as the customer wants the simple approach in meeting their demands and search. The above-mentioned keypoints will definitely help you to improve conversion rates and to have higher sales.

We at Hvantage Technologies work for the client’s satisfaction in building the website and mobile apps to meet their customer needs. The mobile apps and website that works in simple process, lesser load time and unique look.

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