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Increase Website Traffic with hvantage technologies

Tips to have More Customers on your Website

When anyone opens a business(online or offline), it requires a platform and resource to reach the customers. The words of mouth need to be uttered to make people aware of the brand, products, and services you are offering. Advertising through pamphlets, newspapers or mass media were the trends of offline business promotion. For the online business, a website plays a crucial role. The website holds the potential to drive more customers than any other source. Businessmen invest their time, money and resources to build the website to attract more customers towards their online business.

You too have done the same but something is lacking in your website that is repelling the customers from your website and no visitors are moving to you. You surely would have given a thought to finding the reason- Why people are not coming to your website? We are going in deep to find out reasons and their solutions.

What can repel customers from your website?

  1. The irrelevant content

  2. Incomplete information

  3. No systematic sections on the web page

  4. Non-responsive website

  5. Blurred images

  6. No discoverability on the top pages of the search engine pages

  7. And there can be many more reasons.

So, Let us Know How should a Website be?

For the online business to flourish an exquisitely designed website is must. The website that looks well, works well and also complies with the Google, Bing and other search engines specifications. These are the initial requirements of the website so that it can be visible to the search engines easily when customers search for the products. Apart from these, there are many more guidelines a website must follow so that it can have better search rankings. Better search rankings always help in driving more customers.

Let's dive into deep:

  • Responsive & mobile- friendly website: The customers are not limited to the monitor or desktop screen rather they use smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads etc. If you want more customers on your website then you need to design the website that can be responsive to all the devices a customer uses. The website must be mobile-friendly so that customers can know and search for your products through their smartphones itself. If they could not find your website on their gadgets they can leave you and switch to another website.
  • Efficient code: The search engines gather all the information of the website available on the server. As per this gathered information, they accomplish the query of the visitors and searchers. So, tell your web developer to code in a systematic way so that search engines can easily accumulate the information on your website. Also, the website must be fast serving and fast hosting when it receives any query.  
  • Structured Data and Schemas: The structured data are used for knowing each section of your website. Each section like products, services, blogs/articles, events, reviews etc. must be properly structured on your website. products section, services. Here again, the web developers must be told to create the structured data or schemas for every section while coding the website.
  • Proper photos and images: The clear and enticing images attract more than the blurred images. Also, the location and size of the images must also be properly formatted on the website. The main image of every page must be in the headers of the site so that social search engines can synchronize with the images as well as the data on the website.  

The other important points you need to implement post the website development:

If you are thinking that developing a good looking and a responsive website is enough for your business, then, you need to grow up. There are many important points you need to consider to make your website more discoverable, visible and attracting to your customers.  

  1. Start with the Content: For your business to grow you need the customers to your website. The customers can only come to you when they find the relevant and accurate information and content about the products and services they are looking for. The relevant and good quality content is the key to hold the visitors to your website and when they find all the information and answers to their query there are more chances that they would convert into potential customers.  
  2. Use the keywords: The keywords are the words with which the customers search on the search engine pages. It is always recommended to stuff proper and right keywords into the content. But also keep in mind that too much is really too much i.e. putting many keywords in the content can distract the customer’s reading. The marketing and SEO experts suggest that 15-20 keywords are sufficient for a page content. Check the regular report of analytics of the keywords and analyse which keyword has the potential to drive more traffic and which has not. Accordingly, update the content.
  3. SEO: Search engine optimization is the way to optimize the visibility and discoverability of the website on the search engine results. Stuffing the keywords is not sufficient. The meta descriptions, tags, back-end search terms are important tools for SEO. The Google has its strategy to optimize the ranking of the website links. The higher rankings make your website to be visible on the top of the search engine results. This gives more chances to have more clicks by the customers as customers rely on the top results more than the results on the next pages of the Google, Yahoo or other search engines. With the basics of SEO, there are advanced SEO hacks also to be implemented on the website.
  4. Update the website: Update your website in a specific schedule. Publish a blog or an article at least once or twice in a week.  Keep on checking the reviews and feedback your website and services are getting. Improvise the website on the regular basis and check it whether your website needs a redesign. The updated information, design and improved services attract more customers than the simple and long-ago designed classical website.
  5. Budget for advertising: Though you have an excellent website for your business, it doesn’t mean that you should be limited to the website customers only. This is a digital world so you too need to be digital. Advertise about your business on each social media platform, share your website link on them. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, Quora etc. are popular social platforms having millions of active users. Take advantage of every platform and hook the customers to your website through the link and ads. Expand your reach and get customers from every corner of the online world. Also, set a budget for advertising and marketing strategy for non-organic campaigns.


The customers are the key to success for all types of business. Therefore, you need to work in every possible way to attract them to your website. Driving the visitors to your website is not sufficient rather they must be turned into the potential customers for your business. The website must contain the specific and relevant data, Search engine optimized data, systematic sections, responsive design, efficient code for the search engine synchronization and the clear and compelling images for each page. If you find it all difficult to manage the website hacks on your own and unable to get more customers then you can hire the web service provider company.

We, Hvantage Technologies is one of the leading technology company. The technical team of Hvantage is efficient in web development to create the schemas and responsive design website with the best UI and UX.  We also work with the proper SEO strategy for our clients to get their sites at the higher positions at the search engine results. Hire us and sit on your resting chair.






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