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The Impact Of Typhoons On The Multi Million Dollar BPO Industry

The Impact Of Typhoons On The Multi Million Dollar BPO Industry

There have been instances when natural calamities have tended to create havoc for business houses. The scenario could always lead to a total shut down for business houses and cause intense damage to the economy in general. If you intend to locate a country regularly impacted by such calamities, we say it is the Philippines. A typhoon regularly strikes here and destabilizes business ventures or even industries. The average number of storms or tropical cyclones, which enter the Philippines, is about 19.  The infrastructural loss of these attacks is about 20 million dollars.  It is indeed a high figure for the local economy.

It is here that we come to the point that being a business owner do you find it safe to outsource services running into thousands of dollars to BPO operators located in these high risks areas. Just take the case of the Philippines where you will find that places such as Manila and Luzon have been impacted negatively by typhoons. A considerable amount of BPO activity in the Philippines is centered on these two cities. Now, in case your BPO activity is outsourced to operators located here and a cyclone just strikes, it just means disaster. In such a scenario there just could be immense losses initially before an accurate disaster recovery plan could be put in place. Whether it is voice or nonvoice, you need avoid areas, which are high-risk zones.

The Indian BPO industry, on the other hand, has shown some maturity for quite some time now. It has been long that they have been offering uninterrupted services. In fact, during the last recession, it was the Indian BPO industry, which offered stability and that is where it has just killed any form of competition worldwide. The customer retention and satisfaction results of the Indian BPO industry are quite high and that is one more reason why India is a popular BPO destination.

Thus, it can be concluded that a brief insight into the challenges faced by the BPO industry and especially the risks that you have to face while outsourcing work to BPO facilities in risk prone zones has been nicely portrayed in this blog.

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